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Delusion of imagining you are an instrument of the divine will

Here is a right-on illustration by L.Ok. Hanson. I noticed this on a Fb put up yesterday. The one who shared it mentioned that Hanson’s work seems within the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

God talkWhen folks speak about being a particular instrument of the divine will, I am reminded of Garrison Keillor’s description of his fictional Minnesota small city, Lake Wobegon, “the place all the ladies are sturdy, all the lads are handsome, and all the kids are above common.”

On the planet of fundamentalist faith, all of the believers are particularly attuned to God’s will. Which might’t be, given how totally different religions usually are from one another. However their delusion works for non secular believers, because it permits all people to be above common in terms of realizing what God needs.

Even crazier, after all, are the smaller variety of fundamentalists who go a step additional up the above common scale by claiming they really talk with God. Or, on the top of grandiosity, purport to truly be one with God in some respects. (Typically, in each respect.)

In a weblog put up referred to as “My unusual RSSB initiation story” I associated how in my final 12 months of faculty a bunch of us obtained concerned with a crazed Greek yoga instructor we referred to as Yogiraj who tried to meld East and West by establishing his Christananda Ashram.

After we confronted him about how he’d used his initiation into Radha Soami Satsang Beas by Charan Singh to create his personal private Sant Mat philosophy with him because the guru, he instructed us that Jesus truly was his greatest divine buddy.

Sooner or later, after the shop closed, we obtained up the center to confront Yogiraj. What a scene it turned out to be. I nonetheless keep in mind it effectively.

We have been standing close to the again of the shop, us six in a semi-circle going through Yogiraj. We instructed him about our doubts — that what he was instructing on the ashram had been copied from RSSB and wasn’t the true deal.

Yogiraj’s response was fiercely intense.

These Greek eyes blazed with anger. “Charan Singh is not my guru!” he yelled. “Christ is my guru! He talks to me! He tells me what to do!”

That was sufficient. With these phrases all of it grew to become clear. We knew that Yogiraj went on his personal retreats down in his basement, doing god is aware of what. What it was, we now realized, was him getting face time with Christ.

Extra precisely, what he imagined to be Christ. (Christians, after all, would disagree with my skepticism.)

Wanting again, whereas we have been right to view Yogiraj as delusional to imagine that he was chatting with Jesus Christ, it is unusual that we have been so unquestioning of the RSSB instructing that the guru was God in Human Kind.

Perhaps the distinction was that Yogiraj flatly said that Jesus, the supposed Son of God, was telling him what to do, whereas the RSSB gurus typically have been extra reticent to say that they impart with God — although they’re effective with the RSSB books that say the guru is God’s emissary to the world.

Anyway, the Bertrand Russell quote is as apt as we speak as when Russell mentioned it. Extra so, the truth is. Today each Democratic and Republican presidents are keen on ending speeches with “And should God bless these United States of America.”

If God exists (a huge “if”), would not God bless each nation equally? I not imagine in God, but when I did, I positive would not think about that God is a Christian, Muslim, Jew, or every other faith. It appears clear that religions are made by people, and God can also be, nearly actually.


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