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So guys, right here we’re with a provocative title that virtually tells you that our man Homer was really passing round hidden (aka mystic) messages along with his well-known epic poems the Iliad and the Odyssey

The obvious query that ought to pop-up in your minds ought to be: 

Are you guys for actual?! 

And the reply: Sure, we’re severe! 

Oh, by way of our sixth sense we are able to hear the subsequent questions showing in your thoughts: 

How come that nobody observed it earlier than? Are all college professors, researchers and many others. that silly for not realizing that? 

And the reply: 

We have no idea how sensible or silly anyone is nor does it concern us. What it’s best to take into accout is that this data is (purposely?) refrained from the main-stream channels but in addition that so as to have the ability to uncover the hidden messages of Homer you want to know Greek; particularly, Historic Greek (we are going to illustrate that time in a while, don’t fear). 

And once we say to know Historic Greek we additionally embody that it’s best to be capable of perceive the idioms and so forth of the Historic Greek language. Furthermore, you have to to have dictionaries at your disposal; particularly the older the dictionary you’ll maintain in your arms, the extra correct it is going to be! Imagine it or not, it’s a indisputable fact that our researches did proof a number of occasions repeatedly. 

Now allow us to ask you this: how many individuals have you learnt which are really fulfilling these necessities? 


Shifting on… 



Furthermore, with a purpose to disclose to you the hidden messages of Homer’s epic poems we might want to make the most of what is called “etymology”. OK, a few of you might surprise what the time period “etymology” stands for. In a really simplistic clarification it’s the science to analyse the foundation and which means of every phrase, letter and many others. 

OK, sufficient with the boring stuff allow us to give attention to the meat of the present article. 

So, will the article current to you all of Homer’s hidden messages? Clearly not; as a result of an incredible quantity of house could be required to do all of that. 

What we are going to do, nonetheless, is to take “snap-shots” from Homer’s tales, analyse them and offer you the mystic messages; and that’s precisely why within the title you additionally see “(Half 1)”. 

Consequently, the present article will give attention to the Suitors of Penelope and the way, and why, Odysseus took them down (aka killed them); even the order issues!!! 

For extra on Odysseus click on right here:  Odysseus 

 The Background of the Story: 

As you all know (or at the least ought to now) after the Trojan Battle, Odysseus units sails in the direction of Ithaca, his house. 

All of us would assume: “So what’s the large deal about it anyway?”, appropriate? 

Granted; we couldn’t agree extra with you guys. Nonetheless, there was a “small” downside to his journey again house and that downside had a reputation: Poseidon! Yep, god Poseidon was significantly pissed at Odysseus of taking part in a significant position within the destruction of Troy… 

We are saying: widespread Poseidon, don’t be that immature as a result of Odysseus invented a horse that, latter on, grew to become referred to as the Trojan Horse (bummer)! Though, we do suspect that Poseidon was extra possible ego-tripping as a result of Odysseus really managed to tremble on Poseidon’s ego (and his ego was BIGGGG); not as soon as however twice!!! 

What ego you might surprise… 

You see guys, a sure story states that Poseidon, and Apollo, construct (or oversaw the constructions) of the Trojan Wall; and Poseidon was pleased with it by claiming that these partitions had been impenetrable. Fact be advised, Troy was destroyed from inside (you understand, Trojan Horse and many others). 

The opposite occasion was when Odysseus blinded Polyphemus, the well-known Cyclops (for extra click on right here:  Polyphemus.

You see, that dude was one in every of Poseidon’s kids and Odysseus didn’t simply blind him, Odysseus actually trash talked the crap out of him. 


So, to make the lengthy story quick it took Odysseus 10 years to achieve Ithaca; and to do this he needed to overcome a plethora of ridiculous obstacles (monsters, being catapulted all world wide and many others. you identify it, you’ve got it). 

Finally, Odysseus reached his house and realized that each one of them thought that he was killed in Troy (keep in mind: ten years handed; and no emails or smartphones at the moment had been obtainable lol). 

In any occasion and through his absence, wealthy smugs appeared that wished to get their arms on Odysseus’ kingdom and at his spouse Penelope; his son, Telemachus, couldn’t do crap to cease them… 

The smugs are referred to as the Suitors of Penelope, aka referred to as Proci or Mnesteres (Greek: Μνηστῆρες) and so they had been insulting Odysseus house, losing his kingdom’s wealth, mistreating his individuals and the checklist goes on. 

And the story goes on and on as effectively… 

 To the principle story and our Evaluation 

… Whereas Odysseus was about to crash their get together he stopped! 

What? For actual? 

 Bear in mind three main information guys: 

One, Odysseus was not simply sturdy however he additionally was the neatest of all of his allies within the Trojan Battle. As a matter of truth Odysseus was essentially the most depraved warrior amongst all – allies and enemies – and he was essentially the most favoured by the goddess Athena. 

Two, goddess Athena is virtually the brains of Mount Olympus. Extremely intellective, sensible with an IQ that shoots out of the roof, strategic and so forth; and if by any likelihood, she couldn’t motive with you, effectively, Athena would beat the crap out of you as a result of she was ridiculous sturdy as effectively (and yeah, she was Zeus favoured little one). 

Three, Athena appeared earlier than Odysseus to help him with a purpose to take care of these mofos (apologies for the vulgar vocabulary). 



 What occurred subsequent? 

(In a nutshell) 

Athena remodeled Odysseus right into a homeless bagger which allowed Odysseus to sneak into his palace, to look at the scenario, to see that his spouse was nonetheless loyal to him (respect to Penelope!), to understand that his son was able to go each time Odysseus would give the sign, to display screen the suitors (clearly sufficient, Odysseus categorised all of them as “lifeless meat”) and to plot a technique. 

To try this Odysseus needed to sustain with all the suitors’ insults (keep in mind guys, he was remodeled as a bagger). 

On prime of all that, the one one which noticed behind the transformation was his loyal canine that… after a lick-hug session died instantly after (Rattling you Homer along with your soap-opera lol). 

 Lesson One: What does Homer educate us right here, what’s his hidden message? 

Odysseus embodies rationality and strategic considering (bless you Athena) and what issues isn’t a “blind brute pressure assault” however reaching the target which was: to free his kingdom, smog the suitors and get his household again. 

What Odysseus did was to review his enemies, to know them and to combat them, if mandatory, even with their very own weapons. 

Consequently, when the time got here, Athena remodeled Odysseus again to his unique kind; then, Odysseus locked the suitors inside the large corridor and struck them down mercilessly. 



 The Etymology and the key mystic messages: 

OK, earlier than we start, as a result of the variety of suitors is huge and because of house constrains we are going to give attention to essentially the most well-known of the suitors, which had been: 





The Latin names of the suitors DO NOT enable you guys to analyse something and that time precisely helps our declare at the start of the article: you want to know Historic Greek!!! 

 The Greek model of the aforementioned names is (the names are listed in the identical order): 

 ΑΝΤΙΝΟΟΣ (the 2 phrases that make up that identify are: ΑΝΤΙ-ΝΟΟΣ

 ΕΥΡΥΜΑΧΟΣ (the 2 phrases that make up that identify are: ΕΥΡΥ-ΜΑΧΟΣ

 ΑΜΦΙΝΟΜΟΣ (the 2 phrases that make up that identify are: ΑΜΦΙ-ΝΟΜΟΣ

 ΑΓΕΛΑΟΣ (the 2 phrases that make up that identify are: ΑΓΕ-ΛΑΟΣ


What does the identify ΑΝΤΙΝΟΟΣ stand for? 

It’s a mixture of two phrases ΑΝΤΙ-ΝΟΟΣ (aka Αντί-Νόηση) and interprets “as a substitute (or in opposition to of) the thoughts (or the judgment)”! He stands for all communication-tools which are utilized in opposition to your thoughts and can. 

In different phrases, ΑΝΤΙΝΟΟΣ (Antinous) represents every thing that clouds our minds and our judgment, every thing that doesn’t enable us to assume clear; and as soon as somebody is ready to management your thoughts, it’s just about game-over for you! 

Therefore, ΑΝΤΙΝΟΟΣ (Antinous) is essentially the most harmful one and that’s the reason Homer described him as one thing just like the chief of the ragged pack of suitors. 

At present, ΑΝΤΙΝΟΟΣ (Antinous) would signify Propaganda, twisting of phrases and conceptions, twisting information, controlling the plenty’ minds or concepts and many others. 

And that’s additionally why Odysseus killed him first! To keep away from, his thoughts, to get clouded. 

When you guys are into occult (or the brand new age stuff) we’re fairly assured that you just heard expressions like “the thoughts over the physique”, “the thoughts controls every thing”, “we see not with our eyes however with our minds” and so forth. 

Coincidence? We expect not… 


However what’s extra attention-grabbing is the very fact of how Odysseus killed ΑΝΤΙΝΟΟΣ (Antinous)

Odysseus shot down ΑΝΤΙΝΟΟΣ (Antinous) with an arrow… at ΑΝΤΙΝΟΟΣ (Antinous) throat, the organ of speech

In different phrases, Odysseus silenced ΑΝΤΙΝΟΟΣ (Antinous) as soon as and for all. 

Subsequent on the checklist is ΕΥΡΥΜΑΧΟΣ (Eurymachus), which is a mixture of two phrases ΕΥΡΥ-ΜΑΧΟΣand interprets as “he who fights with each means (even with unjust means), honest or unfair, honourably or not, it doesn’t matter; what issues is to attain victory at any value. Preventing Mercilessly…” 

And that’s the reason, after Odysseus was in a position to defend his thoughts, he killed ΕΥΡΥΜΑΧΟΣ (Eurymachus)

 To get a greater concept think about it like this: 

First you defend your thoughts, your judgement, which lets you preserve your cool at any given second and to not be affected by the enemies propaganda. Then, you are taking down the enemy’s navy pressure… you do get the concept, appropriate? 

And to provide you an excellent higher concept, what does up to date navy techniques educate: First, take down the enemies communications (their brains), and as soon as in disarray (or at midnight) assault their forces. 

That being mentioned, subsequent in line to be smacked is: ΑΜΦΙΝΟΜΟΣ (Amphinomus), which is a mixture of two phrases ΑΜΦΙ-ΝΟΜΟΣ and interprets as “the one which twists the regulation and the order of issues”. He’s harmful since you have no idea when he’ll betray you or when he’ll disrupt the order of issues/circumstances (immediately, we’d might such an individual a two-faced bloody bastard). 

So after Odysseus took down his enemy’s communications and navy energy, he proceeded by smoking Loki’s ass (effectively, that’s if you happen to guys are into Northern Mythology); therefore, Odysseus had cleared his flanks and his again as effectively. 

Lastly, left was his entrance, specifically ΑΓΕΛΑΟΣ (Agelaus), which is a mixture of two phrases ΑΓΕ-ΛΑΟΣand interprets as “he who leads (within the damaging sense) the plenty, he who turns the individuals into brainless mobs with the assistance of ΑΝΤΙΝΟΟΣ (Antinous)”. 

And that’s the reason Odysseus killed ΑΝΤΙΝΟΟΣ (Antinous) first and ΑΓΕΛΑΟΣ (Agelaus) final. 



So, once more, that can assist you guys perceive how Odysseus annihilated his enemies: 

First, he took down communications, propaganda and many others. (information-flow was all his). 

Then he destroyed the enemy’s navy energy. 

Afterwards, he proceeded by killing the one that might throw Odysseus into dysfunction, even when the 2 earlier enemies had been killed. In different phrases, he made certain that his enemy couldn’t launch a counter-strike. Therefore, he managed to trigger dysfunction within the ranks of his enemies. 

Lastly, Odysseus cleared his kingdom from the brainless mobs/plenty (keep in mind, ΑΝΤΙΝΟΟΣ (Antinous) was killed first; therefore, brainless – aka there was nobody to steer them). In up to date navy phrases, that might be one thing like clearing the leftovers after the principle battle in order to zeroing any risk of an enemy to trigger future misery (one thing like guerilla warfare). 

Hopefully guys, you had been in a position to get an concept of how the key messages are handed from Homer to the initiated ones. 


When you consider that this concludes our article, we thought to go one step forward and offer you a extra detailed evaluation of, at the least, one of many suitors’ names. 

So, allow us to go along with essentially the most harmful one… yep, you guys guessed accurately: ΑΝΤΙΝΟΟΣ (Antinous)



 The PRO-level evaluation (in a Nutshell): 

So as so that you can absolutely grasp the which means behind ΑΝΤΙΝΟΟΣ (Antinous) we must make use of Historic Greek quite a bit (yeah, sorry guys for that). 

In line with Historic Greek Etymology, the letter N symbolizes 3 meanings: Thoughts, Legislation and Water (Greek: Νους, Νόμος και τα Νερά στην φύσιν)

Consequently, ΑΝΤΙΝΟΟΣ (Antinous) is the ruler (with the damaging sense of the time period “ruler”) and the adversary of the thoughts who halts the thoughts’s improvement. 

However, how does ΑΝΤΙΝΟΟΣ (Antinous) accomplish that (keep in mind, Odysseus shot his arrow at his throat)? 

Throat (Greek: λαιμός ) can be known as δειρή or δέρη which, in response to Historic Greek Etymology, is decoded as Δ – ΕΙΡΗ –> Δ – ΕΙΡΩ

The letter Δ represents energy whereas the verb είρω has the twin which means of saying / talking and connecting. Therefore, the phrase λαιμός (Throat) represents the facility of the Logos (any Bible guys round) and, with that energy, connects the thoughts (Greek: ΝΟΥΝ ) with the Logos

Earlier than we proceed, needless to say the prefix “ΑΝΤΙ” has a twin which means (twin this and twin that, blaim it on the esoteric mysteries guys, lol): it may stand for a) the alternative of one thing or b) as a substitute of somebody

Meals for thought for you guys: 

Take the phrase Antichrist (Anti-Christ). Will this dude be the reverse of Christ or the Christ’s proxy

Again to our case: 

ΑΝΤΙ-ΝΟΟΣ (Antinous) falls into the primary class (the alternative of one thing) subsequently, he acts in opposition to the Logos, acts in opposition to the thoughts and acts in opposition to something that represents simply, goal and rational considering. 

Subsequently, Odysseus needed to terminate ΑΝΤΙ-ΝΟΟΣ (Antinous) first, and he did it by destroying ΑΝΤΙ-ΝΟΟΣ (Antinous) “weapon”; his throat (aka, the supply of speech). 



 To summarize: 

Once we all research one thing what issues is to know what we’re studying, to grasp its deeper which means and to have the ability to learn in-between the strains. 

Sounds easy but it’s not. 

And that’s precisely why Alchemists, Occultists and all of the well-known researchers – after they wished to cover one thing – they wrote their texts with hidden messages or strains above the earlier strains, creating multi-layers of strains inside sentences. 

To decipher that, an investigator wants to know the deeper meanings and to uncover the keys that may enable him to decode the codes of the Historic Ones. 

So guys, 

What do you consider Homer’s hidden messages? 



This text was retrieved from the webiste of Historic Greece Reloaded: you may go to the particular article part by clicking on the next direct-link: 




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