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Sword Finger in Taoist Magic Defined

In Saam Regulation Taoism, we give attention to educating our disciples the data to again up their Taoist magic, and issues they do, such because the Sword Finger hand seal. The sword finger, which known as the GIM JEE 劍指 in Cantonese is without doubt one of the most essential handsign in Taoism and Taoist magic, however not many individuals perceive what it does and learn how to get a correct and proper sword finger going. A whole lot of the individuals who does it solely imitates and don’t know of what is inside and what it’s alleged to do and many others.   The image above is an efficient sword finger, it is pumped with energy and straight like a sword, see how the finger and the arm aligns?


You’ll be able to spot this sort of sword finger crap everywhere in the web regardless of they’re doing Tai Chi sword or doing magic rituals, many individuals simply tends to carry a sword finger like a dangling dick, and sure it’s disgusting and ugly for a Taoist to carry a sword finger hand seal like this.

Observe, is that sword crooked? bent? weak? Proper, so how can the sword even “work”? 

The that means of the sword finger, is to push in your preheaven vitality into the firepower power, and outputs the facility of delivering a command of the center to the opposite celebration.  This is sort of a basic’s job at warfare, to provide and ship command, for the opposite facet to get it, and really feel the urge to do it. What you’re doing whereas utilizing the sowrd finger is gathering within the coronary heart energy and making issues transfer as you instructed.  In case your sword is bent, then it means nothing goes to occur as a result of your sword isn’t straight and vitality can not push by means of the hand seal and out.

To “poke” by means of issues as within the vitality facet of issues, you could have a straight and vitality stuffed sword finger, with the proper positions of the fingers, and never simply an imitation. 


In our lesson on YouTube, you may see how we are able to decode the finges and their vitality properties. Should you do not perceive the small print, how will you know which place to the touch is correct for the sword finger? The place ought to the thumb be touching and why?  Can we alter it?  If we modified it, what occur and what’s the energy after the adjustments?

To study the true sword finger and grasp its true energy, welcome to ordain as a Taoist of Saam Regulation Taoism and get going straight away.  Actual studying not solely requires you to hear and skim, but in addition for the grasp to travel with you, supplying you with private teachings!

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