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We’re Stardust

Taoists search for parallels between humanity and nature. People really feel the push and pull of the moon, solar, and stars—however normally it will get defined away as stress, luck, climate, or final evening’s pizza. Historical Taoist masters found, theorized, and decided that every human life is affected by sure planets and stars, based mostly on the time of start. 

After testing these theories, Taoist masters got here to consider the celebs and planets influenced the fates of people; together with life, loss of life, and good or unhealthy fortunes. Via millennia, Taoists developed astrology to a excessive degree and located that the Earth is the planet with essentially the most important impression. Additional, it’s not solely the Earth itself affecting people, however the best way the earth mediates the forces of the heavens. As a result of, you see, the Taoists see the earth as a extremely smart, impartial being going by means of these adjustments and cycles itself.

People are nourished by the celebs, solar, moon, and earth. Every of those our bodies results features of people otherwise; the glands, organs, bones, and methods. Some Taoists really feel there’s a spark of stardust in each cell of our physique, making the celebs within the physique a mirror of the evening time sky. Meditations to work with the celebs and planets assist stability these energies inside us. By wanting internally and softening our edges, we will be taught our classes earlier than the wheels of destiny grind us down. 


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