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Why Do You Dwell In This World? — Kwan Um College of Zen

We perceive many issues about this world, however we don’t perceive ourselves. So why do human beings come into this world? Why can we dwell on this world? For love? For cash? For respect or fame? Do you reside in your spouse, husband, or kids? Why do you reside on this world? If somebody requested you these questions, you would possibly very nicely reply, “I dwell for my kids. I dwell to earn sufficient cash for them, or perhaps simply to have a great life.” Most individuals suppose like this. They dwell just for their household, for some fleeting social respectability, maybe to get pleasure from artwork or to get some highly effective place.

Everybody desires to have a great state of affairs for themselves. For those who have a look at this world very carefully, it’s simple to see that most individuals eat and sleep and dwell merely for their very own private happiness. But these items will not be the actual objective of human beings’ life. They’re simply momentary means for residing on the planet. If human beings can’t discover who they’re, how can they ever be really comfortable?


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