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Chi Stress

A automobile tire has round 35 kilos of stress. If the stress will get too low, the street pushes again tougher than it may possibly stand up to. In case you go to a truck cease within the U.S., you see drivers kicking their tires and even hitting them with a membership to ensure they’re correctly inflated. It’s just like wrapping a treasured vase in bubble wrap earlier than sending it within the mail.

Taoists say the identical factor is true with our physique. When our inside chi stress is weak from being sick, turning into outdated (in physique, not in age), our construction acts like a flat tire. Reverse respiratory and chi-packing respiratory are strategies that improve the “chi stress” within the cavities of the physique. Have you ever ever seen demonstrations by Shaolin monks which can be hit by baseball bats and preserve their construction? Taoists imagine these practices prepare one to keep at bay bodily blows and energetic stresses from the atmosphere. Illness is typically name ‘evil winds’ that enter the physique. A robust chi stress wards off evil winds.

The organs and glands have a layer of fascia round them. Fascia is likely one of the most attention-grabbing elements of the human physiology and it may possibly retailer chi stress to strengthen its position as a protecting layer. By means of the standing postures of Embracing the Tree and Holding the Golden Urn in Iron Shirt Chi Kung, the fascia, tendons, and construction are stretched and the belly cavity is crammed with power. When the physique is crammed with power, toxins, caught emotional patterns, and trapped warmth/chilly don’t have room to fester.


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