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Ending the Second Septenary – benebell wen

I’ll be taking a several-month hiatus from engaged on the Etteilla deck mission as a result of I’ve a ebook manuscript to finish. However earlier than I take that hiatus, I need to “go away off” on a contented card.

And the final card of the Second Septenary within the Etteilla– The Satan– isn’t fairly the completely happy card I’m pondering of. =)

So I’ve began the Ace of Cups, and am deliberately leaving it incomplete. That approach it’s the prolonging energies in my house till I return. Extra about that. Hold studying.

POLL #1: Ought to I name the go well with Chalices or Cups? I believe technically for this deck, it’s presupposed to be Chalices, proper? However Cups simply flows off the tongue higher than Chalices, and far simpler to verbalize. Let me know what you suppose.

Above you’ll see a aspect by aspect comparability of Etteilla I (prime, first row), Etteilla II (center row), and Etteilla III (backside, third row), for Playing cards 8 by means of 14. Click on on the picture for a barely extra enlarged view.

Oops, the coloring of the archway in Prudence (Card 12) doesn’t match the archways in The Excessive Priest (13) and The Satan (14). Sigh. The issues we miss, eh? To be honest, I’m spending 95% of my drawing time trying on the pictures you see right here at 500% magnified zoom. Which… I consider there’s a well-liked saying that captures my little oversight? =)

POLL #2: Which model of Prudence do you favor within the above? Left or proper? Or the coloring distinction is so negligible that you simply don’t care?

I kinda like how the archways join the three illustrations, however I dunno. I would return and re-draft the background for Prudence. We’ll see.

Okay, so why am I getting all superstitious and ensuring I’m leaving a contented card incomplete? So… for each single card I’ve drawn on this deck, whereas drawing that card, actual life occasions have been echoing regardless of the textbook energies are of the cardboard. (This occurred with the SKT too, btw.) I’m not going to attempt to give a woo conclusion. You’ll consider no matter you’ll consider. However for myself, I need the Ace of Cups power to proceed from now till each time I return to this mission. =)

[Yeah, re-using the Ark of the Covenant I drew from the SKT Revelation for the reversed position of the Ace of Cups, b/c in the French editions, the keyword and referene associated with this card is the Ten Commandments, or to be even more specific, the original tablets that the Ten Commandments were written on by the Finger of God. Which, according to lore, are stored in the Ark.]


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