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Feng Shui Secrets and techniques in Taoism

What’s Feng Shui and what you need to look out for if you find yourself attempting to analysis on this matter?  Right here you’ll find out about it and sure lots of Feng Shui on the market within the western group is simply as bizarre because the Taoism within the west, individuals tends to go actually shallow, to the purpose that its not even Feng Shui in any respect in my eyes.

First of, what precisely defines feng shui 風水 (Fung Shui)?

Fung Shui or Feng Shui, mainly what I’m speaking about right here – it is the identical factor, however with some bizarre phonetics that made it sound nothing like Chinese language. Feng Shui have extra searches on google, so we use the phrase Feng Shui, but it surely sounds very bizarre to a Chinese language. Bizarre, eh?

Feng Shui is wind and water, however it isn’t the wind that you just really feel exterior and never about any water that you just drink or the water you possibly can see. These are simply metaphors which describes the movement and supply of energies from the pre-heaven to post-heaven dimensions of this world. In one other phrase, the movement of creation power that goes from the non-visible “layer” of this world to the seen “layer” of this world. If you aren’t getting the essential idea proper, you don’t have any luck understanding what’s past.

What’s Pre-Heaven and Submit-heaven about? Here’s a lecture:

Feng Shui is in regards to the creation power, and the wind issue is how pre-heaven pushes its creation power into issues, whereas the Sui (water) is how the power that acquired absorbed can be utilized and pump again out to the floor to energy up life and issues in nature.

This creation power that we speak about in Feng Shui known as the dragon power, Lung Hei 龍氣 which isn’t seen, and do not even attempt to use science to detect it, since you can not. That is the form of power that’s just like the power of your coronary heart, your power coronary heart, and it isn’t detectable by science utilizing bodily parts, but it could possibly be seen and felt if you understand how to take action.

Feng Shui makes use of lots of phrases that can confuse a traditional individual attempting to be taught this talent by studying books. First of, you heard in regards to the 5 parts?  It isn’t even about the actual gold, water, and such.


You is likely to be trying to find Feng Shui to be taught in your life, and you’ll for certain bump by these 9 flying stars stuff quickly or later. Have you learnt how many individuals truly acquired all of it fallacious from the start. Right here is the lesson for the 9 flying stars idea:

So what’s the secret in feng shui that you’re lacking, is a grasp, not a ebook. On the identical time, you’ll not solely have to “know” and be capable to “see” feng shui, but additionally to FIX it. What’s Feng Shui power once more?  Proper, it is the creation power of nature, and that’s what we use in Taoist magic. If you happen to can not get your palms on this, then what’s the level of studying how you can “see” Feng Shui?  Simply putting some salt and cash right here and there will not get you wherever and will not do something magical. It’s the magic work you are able to do with Taoist magic that makes it magical.


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