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Fingers Chilly? Toes Chilly?

The thoughts and intention can transfer power within the physique. As an illustration, a visualization for that is to see the fingertips glowing in a golden colour. We are able to see the palms radiating a crimson or golden colour as if holding a glowing billiard ball or shot put. 

Earlier than, throughout, and after the meditation/visualization, it helps to rub the arms collectively, therapeutic massage the traces of the palms, and squeeze every finger. The identical course of can work to heat the ft. Therapeutic massage the ball of the foot, work out any pressure between the bones of the foot, and squeeze the toes. Then, visualize the ft glowing and related to the earth/ground/carpet. 

Activating the extremities of the physique by self-massage and visualization strikes power. Because the thoughts concentrates, power strikes to the extremities, and blood follows the thoughts to heat the arms and ft. 

The identical visualization and self-massage methods work for different mediations. Seeing the organs glow, meridians stuffed with power, or bones teeming with wholesome marrow may be aided by self-massage and including strain.  As Chi flows by the meridians, the organs related to that meridian are energized. These acupuncture meridians additionally improve glands, fasciae, muscular tissues, and bones, rejuvenating the whole physique.

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