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H. Pussey, 1860-1886 (32-card piquet pack obtain) – benebell wen

What we name the “Petit Etteilla” refers to a category of 32-card piquet decks for cartomancy based mostly on Etteilla’s 1770 textual content, which used the courts (Kings, Queens, Jacks), Aces, Tens, Nines, Eights, and Sevens from a taking part in card deck. To the 32-card pack, Etteilla added a thirty third card referred to as “Etteilla” to designate the querent. And thus he proposed that the unique Egyptian tarot pack consisted of 33 playing cards.

UPDATE: I referred to this deck as a “Petit Etteilla” as a result of that’s how the British Museum referred to it. Nevertheless, one in all our neighborhood’s preeminent tarot historians, with a very huge quantity of data on the Etteilla, John Choma, got here again with some clarifications.

This isn’t a Petit Etteilla deck, however an unrelated deck referred to as the “Livre du Destin” (or Ebook of Destiny), created a while within the mid-1800s. You may try a number of historic examples (thanks, John, for the hyperlinks!): right here (M. Violet, éditeur), right here (Le Livre du destin), and right here. These photos are additionally notably much like different Nineteenth-century oracle decks just like the 53-card Sibylle des Salons and the 36-card Petit Cartomancien.

This obtain of Petit Etteilla card photos, courtesy of the British Museum, is the version printed between 1860 and 1886 by Jean-Henri Pussey in Paris, France. The originals had been 70 mm x 111 mm, hand-colored etchings on pasteboard.

(Originals, 70 mm x 111 mm)


Should you’re savvy with digital picture modifying and graphic design, then work straight from the 70 mm x 111 mm originals, and format the structure design to your private preferences.

Left: Authentic vs. Proper: Formatted for MPC w/ bleed

To add the cardboard photos onto a print-on-demand web site like Make Enjoying Playing cards (MPC),  you’ll must re-format it to one in all their customary dimension choices, similar to 70 mm x 121 mm (customary tarot card measurement) with 36 mm bleed margins, I’ve accomplished that under. However my touch-up work is imperfect.

(70 mm x 121 mm)


Should you’re not choosy and my tinkering of the originals is appropriate to you, then you’ll be able to add the 70 mm x 121 mm MPC formatted model straight onto MakePlayingCards to order your individual tarot card measurement copy of this historic deck.

However in case you are a professional with graphic design your self, then I strongly suggest working off the Originals (70 mm x 111 mm) and tinkering with these.

To make use of this model of the Petit Etteilla in the way in which Etteilla meant, as a 33-card deck with the Querent card, I’ve added the above thirty third card to the 32-card pack  from the British Museum.

The cardboard caption “ETTEILLA” comes from the Grand Etteilla Lismon engravings and the picture discovered on my reconstructed thirty third card is from the Grand Etteilla’s Rota Fortuna card (outer ring from the Etteilla I, additionally by H. Pussey and the interior spokes from the Etteilla II, Lismon engravings).

UPDATE: Right here’s an alternate reconstructed Card 33 model, based mostly on Card 1, Chaos (or the male significator card) from the Grand Etteilla. So should you want this model over the opposite one with Rota Fortuna, click on on the under to obtain the JPG picture information.

Card 33

Authentic: 70 x 111 mm | MPC: 70 x 121 mm

The facsimile photos are in French, and should you’re not fluent in French, then I like to recommend hand-writing the English translated key phrases onto the playing cards after you’ve printed them out. It offers it a a lot nicer aesthetic that means than if I typed the English onto the cardboard photos for you.

To accommodate fashionable sensibilities, I interpret the cardboard assignments figuratively fairly than actually, so for instance, “A Widowed Lady” doesn’t essentially imply a human feminine who has misplaced her partner. As an alternative, I interpret it as indicating a previous emotional loss that also has an affect on the current scenario. Likewise, “A Widowed Man” means a previous enterprise or skilled loss that also has an affect. A Man of the Regulation is interpreted to imply political, authorized, or institutional influences. A Man of the Court docket symbolizes socioeconomic privilege.

When the descriptive is somebody “dark-haired” (or brunette), I interpret it as a practical, logic-focused, skeptical, or science-based character. When it’s a blond or “fair-haired,” I interpret it as a inventive, intuition-reliant, instinctive character. And so forth.

You may obtain a bit of pamphlet of my card interpretations for the Petit Etteilla:

(8.5″ x 11″ sheet printables)


Right here’s the textual content in a docx MS Phrase file so you’ll be able to lower, paste, and use at will:

(MS Doc file)


Any added worth I’ve contributed to the general public area Petit Etteilla information and all textual content I’ve supplied (similar to the cardboard that means translations) are devoted to the general public area. Use at will, freely, even commercially or for revenue. No credit score again wanted.


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