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Mysteries of WWI That Are Nonetheless Unsolved

When the First World Warfare ended over 100 years in the past, it left the world with a whole lot of issues, from priceless classes to concepts of innovation to unbelievable tales of atrocities, but additionally of hope, love, and heroism. However that’s not all. World Warfare I left us with mysteries that also remained unsolved at present. It may very well be the shortage of adequate data and proof. By way of time the details had been combined with myths till the 2 merged right into a blur of confusion and unanswered questions.

Listed below are a few of these mysteries.

The Crew of Zebrina

Zebrina was a flat-bottomed, schooner-rigged, three-masted crusing barge weighing 189 tons. It was constructed at Whitstable in 1873, initially used for buying and selling on the River Plate in South America. Zebrina was changed into a cargo vessel delivery coal from England to France. In October 1917, she sailed from Falmouth, commanded by Captain Martin. She was carrying a load of Swansea coal and was headed to Saint-Brieuc, France.

The journey was anticipated to take round 30 hours, however Zebrina didn’t arrive at its anticipated time. In reality, it by no means did. As an alternative, it was discovered two days later at Rozel Level, close to Cherbourg, France. The boat was in no way broken or boarded, and all her Swansea coal was nonetheless on board, too. The one factor thought-about broken was some disarrangement of the rigging, however aside from that, all the things appeared regular. Nevertheless, not one of the 5 crew nor the captain was ever discovered.

Since there was no sturdy proof or proof that might level out what actually occurred to Zebrina at its crew, we might solely speculate. One of many theories was that the boat was attacked and launched torpedoes, however they handed beneath the flat and shallow backside of the ship, failing to break it. Because it turned out, the boat had 23 individuals on board, far more than the everyday variety of passengers, which was six. That would’ve prompted the Germans to think about her as an armed service provider vessel, a Q-boat, as a substitute of only a easy cargo ship.

Was the crew faraway from Zebrina and brought elsewhere?

Who Killed Non-public John?

John Parr was an English soldier believed to be the primary British Empire soldier to fall in motion throughout World Warfare I. He was fifteen and dealing as a butcher’s boy when he thought he might be part of the British Military. He was uninterested in being poor and wished to get two meals a minimum of a day. He enlisted and joined the 4th Battalion of the Middlesex Regiment after claiming he was 18 and a month outdated.

The grave of Non-public John Parr, the primary allied soldier killed in World Warfare I in Saint Symphorien Navy Cemetery, Mons, Belgium. (Simon at webmatters.webCC BY-SA 2.5, by way of Wikimedia Commons)

His dying was on August 21, 1914. He was within the Belgian village of Obourg, northeast of Mons. Parr and one other bike owner had been within the village to establish the place the Germans had been. The official data said that they encountered an Uhlan patrol from the German First Military, that he was left behind to carry them off whereas the opposite went again to report the scenario, and that he was killed whereas exchanging gunfire.

That would’ve ended there. Nevertheless, data additionally confirmed that the Germans had not reached the realm but on the time of his dying. May or not it’s the chaos of warfare that induced the inconsistency within the data? Or did a pleasant hearth trigger his dying?

USS Cyclops

The USS Cyclops was a Proteus-class colliers ship constructed for the US Navy in 1910. She was named after the Cyclops of Greek mythology, a race of giants with one eye. From 1914 to 1915, she helped evacuate refugees in the course of the occupation of Veracruz, Mexico. She additionally helped defend convoys in France throughout World Warfare I.

USS Cyclops (1910-1918); Anchored within the Hudson River, off New York Metropolis. ({Photograph} was taken by the New York Navy Yard., Public area, by way of Wikimedia Commons)

On February 16, 1918, she was put to sea from Rio de Janeiro and entered the water of Salvador 4 days after. On the twenty second, she departed for Baltimore, Maryland, with no scheduled stops. Cyclops was overloaded when she left Brazil. There was additionally a report that her starboard engine had a cracked cylinder and was not operative, too.

She made an unscheduled cease in Barbados as a result of the water stage was over its Plimsoll line, indicating that it was certainly overloaded. The subsequent day, it set off for Baltimore and was by no means seen once more, along with the ten,000 tons of manganese ore and 306 crew. There have been suspicions that the German submarines sank her, which the Germans denied. Till now, the true cause why Cyclops sank or what occurred to her and everybody aboard stays unknown.


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