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Orgone Pendant – Skyfall – The Thriller of Delphi – Historic Greece Reloaded

Skyfall – The Blue Customized-Made Orgone Pendant that includes the Delphic Mysteries

Skyfall – The customized made orgone pendant that includes the Delphic Mysteries and is geared in direction of transcendence and the upper chakras.

The Skyfall orgone pendant is a pendant that belongs to the upgraded class of Model.1.5 orgone pendants

(for extra on the assorted variations of our pendants please seek the advice of our information, which you could find right here:

Genuine Orgones – The Full Information



Skyfall is a extra advance orgone pendant, in comparison with its predecessors, that packs extra energy and has been created for both extra demanding or superior customers.


Lastly, the detailed description of what the (Black) Delphic Pendant can do, you may purple extra about it right here:

Orgone Pendant – The Thriller of Delphi



Diameter backside: 4.2 cm – Diameter prime: 3 cm – Thickness: 1.5 cm



ca: 30-40 gr


Base Supplies:

Orgone pendant with the Delphic Epsilon, gold plated (24K) MWO by Lakhovsky, made from bronze within the entrance, and a MWO wave oscillator within the base that transforms non harmonious energies to harmonious, containing an SBB copper coil for strengthening and directing the energies. Extra supplies, amongst others, embrace: Iron oxide powder, selenite powder, smoky quartz powder, black tourmaline powder, Ormus, clear quartz crystals, lapis lazuli, blue fluorite and citrine. Additionally consists of copper, bronze and aluminium shavings. All supplies which have been used are 100% chemical pure!!!


Furthermore, added are:

Shavings of bronze, copper and aluminum, powder of blue colour, crystals of lapis lazuli, citrine, clear quartz, pink quartz, amethyst, inexperienced and pink tourmaline.


Extra Particulars concerning the MWO:

Within the middle of the pendant the is a double copper coil that directs and energizes orgone power.

Within the base of the pendant there’s an MWO wave oscillator that transforms non harmonious energies to harmonious.



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