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Taoist Magic Sanctification Defined | Tin Yat Dragon Taoism

What we imply by “Sanctification” in Chinese language known as “Chick” 勅, which straight interprets to “bonding within the energy”. It’s like whenever you write a cheque, somebody must signal it for the cheque to have the ability to take cash out of the account. The signature and approval is what “chick” the cheque to make it “actual”. A Taoism FU is rather like a cheque, however as an alternative of taking cash out of your financial institution, you’re requesting the gods to provide the energy or assist.

There are 3 basic items that we have to do to get the FU formally sanctified, and make it a “actual FU”.

  1. Injecting the magic seed for connecting to the gods
  2. Authorizing the powers with the sanctification spells
  3. Exposing it to the gods to witness and approve

As soon as these 3 are carried out, we’ll do a divination with the “moon cup” and make sure if the FU is accepted. If the divination say sure, then it imply the FU is sanctified and can be utilized.

In our spell ebook sequence, you could find the “sanctification spells” ebook, it’s what we use for sanctifying the FUs.

There are a bunch of “common spells” and a bunch of “particular spells”. The precise spell will at all times be used FIRST, which normally is expounded to the thing’s class and such. Then, we’ll do the final spell to authorize the extent of energy. Thoughts you that it’s not extra the higher, similar to you gained’t want to make use of a carpet cleansing machine to wash the tabletop for dinner.

At Tin Yat Stage, your energy shall be from the ability inside your self (which was given from the lineage), and in addition from the native altar that you just simply constructed.

At Saam Regulation Stage, your energy can attain as much as the celestial courtroom, however you may be getting the final energy solely since you’re nonetheless a beginner. The ability is sufficient for cultivation want and getting common function assist.

At Solar Lung Stage, your energy grows a bit extra, with the Solar Lung community that means that you can do distance magic, flying the magic energy right here and there, to wherever that wants the assistance.

At Tin Ting Stage, your energy on the celestial courtroom will improve since you are actually working for the courtroom, and so you can begin to have increased powers for the work that it is advisable to do, equivalent to combating evils and magic battles and so forth.

On the Solar Ting Stage and Tin Si Stage, that’s the grasp degree, and you will want extra energy to cope with more durable instances, possibly a disciple who went betraying or evil, or possibly even want to speak with the opposite worlds, and so forth. Extra enjoyable stuff to be found by those that have an interest and have the chance to be in that stage!

Nonetheless, even you’re sanctifying a FU and you’re at Solar Ting Stage, you gained’t want to make use of all that energy on a regular basis, because the FU would possibly solely want to attract energy from the native to do a fast job solely. You’ll solely want to make use of the upper powers when wanted.

A FU that has not been sanctified is not any completely different from a cheque that has not been approved, it doesn’t work in any respect and don’t have any energy. With a view to sanctify a FU you should be a legit disciple, have your coronary heart spells, and in addition have the ability to chant these spells appropriately to channel the ability down.

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