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 Tiger of Meekness — Zen Life & Meditation Heart, Chicago

Meekness is just not a phrase we frequently affiliate with energy, however actually, the non secular warrior’s energy arises from gentleness, not conceitedness. It is about being easy, grounded and embodied. Trungpa lays out three phases within the growth of meekness. 

The primary stage is modesty. Modesty right here has to do with being easy, with out pretense in a manner that’s utterly real. Hui-neng, the sixth ancestor of Zen, speaks of this as having a simple thoughts. 

The second stage is that of unconditional confidence. The mature tiger strikes by means of the forest simply, with a pure rhythm. She is in no rush. She vegetation her paws slowly and certainly. She is relaxed, but conscious of her environment. This ease and embodiment of the tiger is an expression of unconditional confidence. She is aware of she belongs to a dwelling earth and is expounded intimately with all creatures on this world. 

The third stage overcomes any hesitation as a result of one’s thoughts is huge and boundless. Having given up each ambition and any sense of a poverty mentality, the warrior’s thoughts is secure and uplifted. 


The tiger’s relaxed consciousness permits her to see clearly what to maintain and what to discard. This high quality of discernment is essential in creating knowledge. With out discernment, it is not potential to develop skillful habits. The tiger is just not on the mercy of our mass cultural manipulations based mostly on limitless development and unending consumerism. She will be able to see what results in awakening and what doesn’t. She has the intention and the braveness to comply with what helps life and results in awakening. Because of this, she will be able to let go of adverse feelings which embroil one in additional greed, turmoil and chaos. The tiger understands that her actions matter. All the pieces you do is consequential. So she cultivates virtuous actions that result in awakening and avoids those who result in struggling. 


Nothing is completed on the trail of a bodhisattva with out nice exertion. Exertion creates each stability and pleasure. Whereas many would possibly exert themselves for the incorrect purpose, the tiger all the time exerts herself for the sake of awakening, so she is ready to overcome doubt and create a strong presence. This high quality of tenacity permits the tiger to bear witness, and stay grounded in working with tough conditions and conflicts. 

Overcoming aggression, want, and ignorance requires nice willpower and energy. The tiger is prepared to place within the exhausting work on the meditation cushion to work with herself. The non secular warrior is courageous, not as a result of she conquers and controls others, however as a result of she is prepared to face herself. And on this manner, the tiger expresses open, real presence, and tender-heartedness. 


The tiger doesn’t linger in remorse. She makes full use of her time in service to serving to others. Remorse is an indication that you’ve got misplaced your self-discipline and focus. It results in confusion and hesitation. Some of the painful issues individuals typically specific on their dying mattress is their sense of remorse that they did not do what they may have accomplished whereas alive. The tiger doesn’t die with this type of remorse. She does not fear about her personal happiness. By serving others and placing them first, she lives with a extra sustainable pleasure and wholeness. 

Roshi Robert Joshin Althouse is the Abbot of the Zen Life & Meditation Heart. He has been educating for over 30 years and training for 50 years. He’s additionally an artist and painter. He’s been doing digital work on his laptop for the final 10 years. You possibly can view his work at his web site for Robert Althouse High quality Arts at


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