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What’s Hua t’ou? (lit. word-head) By Grasp Hsu Yun – Buddhism now

Master Hsu Yun

Grasp Hsu Yun

In historical occasions, the Patriarchs and Ancestors immediately pointed on the thoughts for realisation of self-nature and attainment of Buddhahood. Like Bodhidharma who ‘quietened the thoughts’ and the Sixth Patriarch who solely talked about ‘notion of self-nature’, all of them simply advocated the outright cognizance (of it) with none extra ado. They didn’t advocate trying right into a hua t’ou, however later they found that males have been changing into unreliable, weren’t of dogged dedication, indulged in enjoying tips and boasted of their possession of treasured gems which actually belonged to others. Because of this, these ancestors have been compelled to arrange their very own sects, every with its personal gadgets; therefore, the hua t’ou approach


1. All issues are returnable to One-mind, to what’s One-mind returnable?

2. This hua t’ou is typically wrongly translated within the West as: Earlier than your mother and father have been born, what was your authentic face? There are two errors right here. The primary might be as a result of flawed interpretation of the Chinese language character ‘sheng’. which suggests ‘born’ or ‘to offer beginning’. Then ‘authentic’ is flawed as a result of it suggests creation or a starting. The self-nature has no starting, being exterior time. The right rendering is: Earlier than your mother and father gave beginning to you, what was your basic face?’

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