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Wu Wei Knowledge | The Pleasure of Aware Swimming

The Pleasure of Aware Swimming


On this interview for Prime Sante Journal, Alexandra Lees shares her Wu Wei Knowledge strategy and sensible workouts that can assist you use swimming as a wholesome mindfulness follow.

…Aware swimming helps you practise psychological self-discipline, focus and teaches the significance of the breath. It could possibly enable you press the ‘pause’ button on any destructive self-talk and offers you psychological area to step away out of your each day routine…”

This interview featured within the January 2019 version of Prime Sante Journal.

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mindfulness & swimming: the pure connection  

Mindfulness is about being within the current second, calming and focussing your thoughts.  To do that, you need to mentally and bodily ‘step away’ from distractions of each day life and cease the thoughts from ruminating on the previous or projecting forward into the longer term. The purpose of mindfulness is to seek out an easy and harmonious move in life and the Chinese language Taoists discuss with this as ‘Wu Wei’.

Swimming naturally lends itself to mindfulness follow…

Visiting a pool is a decisive act of self-care and self-imposed ‘me time’. It removes you out of your regular setting and the calls for and distractions of labor, house and pervasive expertise comparable to cell phones.

As soon as within the water, this additionally cuts out sensory distractions. The world seemingly slows down and also you develop into extra conscious of your breath as it’s amplified by the water. You might be additionally bodily held and supported by the water. It turns into simpler to permit your physique to calm down and let go of any muscular stress.

You are actually actually in your move!

how you can be extra conscious when swimming

Mindfulness begins if you arrive on the swimming pool. The act of rigorously undressing and packing your belongings right into a locker alerts to your thoughts that you’re now placing apart the cares and worries of the day. That is nice psychological preparation on your conscious swimming follow.

It’s doable to be within the water and never be conscious in the event you permit your thoughts to wander onto distractions or worries. So, as soon as within the pool, you’ll be able to improve your conscious state by focusing your consideration on three necessary qualities:

~ The sensory setting of the pool (for instance the sound, color and temperature of the water);

~ Your physique and its connection to the water (how does the water really feel in your physique? …the place in your physique are you continue to holding onto stress? …are you able to permit the water to assist you much more?);

~ The rhythm of your breath (observe the tempo of your breath …are you respiration too quick or too excessive in your chest? …are you able to sluggish your breath and convey it deeper into your physique?).

is swimming probably the most conscious sport?

For many individuals, the reply is sure, for the explanations talked about above.

However this isn’t essentially the case for everybody. For instance, some individuals might desire strolling open air, meditating quietly at house, or attending a bunch yoga class to get their conscious ‘repair’.

Mindfulness is a really private train. There isn’t a proper or improper option to do it, and for this reason you will need to experiment and discover a follow to go well with you. 

advantages of practising mindfulness when swimming

In case you are conscious and current when swimming, this helps you establish, launch and calm down any areas of bodily stress in your physique. It should heighten your consciousness of the motion of your physique and its relationship with the water. Your swimming method and efficiency will enhance and, in consequence, you’ll additionally construct muscle power and really feel extra energised afterwards.

Aware swimming additionally helps you practise psychological self-discipline, focus and teaches the significance of the breath. It could possibly enable you press the ‘pause’ button on any destructive self-talk and offers you psychological area to step away out of your each day routine.

conscious swimming workouts to strive

The next workouts will enable you focus your consideration within the current second and tune into your physique, breath and setting when swimming – all are important substances for mindfulness follow.

Discover a secure location and place earlier than you start and solely practise the workouts which are comfy for you.

‘Breath Focus’ Train

As soon as within the water, develop into conscious of your breath. Lie within the water along with your ears submerged and pay attention.

Then discover how your breath adjustments as you swim. Comply with the motion and rhythm of your breath because it enters and leaves your physique.

Discover how your breath and physique interrelate and cooperate.

Draw every breath deeper into your physique, proper right down to your diaphragm. Make the breath longer and smoother and mindfully synchronise it along with your swimming actions.

‘Tuning In’ Train

Change into ‘at one’ with the water as you swim by tuning into how your physique and the water work together.

As you swim, discover how the water feels in your pores and skin. Change into aware of the sensations and temperature of the water.

Now discover how totally different areas of your physique work together with the water. Which components are resisting the water and that are relaxed?

Discover the areas of your physique the place you’re holding onto pointless stress that might be surrendered to the assist of the water. Observe how small adjustments in your motion and swimming method have an effect on the resistance and pull of the water.

Adapt your method so that you develop into extra streamlined, sleek and effortlessly flowing in your swimming follow.

‘One Level’ Train

This train will assist prepare your thoughts to remain within the current second reasonably than racing forward or wandering off into the longer term.

Start at one finish of the pool and discover a single level of focus on the different finish of your size. Maintain your consideration on this level as you swim in the direction of it, both visually or in your ‘thoughts’s eye’.

Don’t permit your thoughts to race forward onto occupied with the following size, or what number of extra lengths to go, or what’s occurring when you end your swimming follow. In case your thoughts does wander, compassionately however firmly deliver your consideration again onto the ‘one level’.

When you attain your vacation spot on the finish of the size then you’ll be able to start once more. With follow, this train turns into simpler and builds optimistic psychological self-discipline.

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