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Corners of the Mouth

Among the finest issues one can do to be extra enticing is to smile. A contented and pleasing look is dependent upon the ‘sparkle’ of the eyes and the corners of the mouth. Unhappiness and grief make the face drops, notably within the corners of the mouth and eyes. When the face droops, the ring muscle groups of the mouth develop into unfastened and ring muscle groups all through the digestive system develop into weak.

Taoist reflexology idea states that when one a part of the physique turns into weak and sags, different components will too. Thus, because the ring muscle groups of the digestive system sag, the urogenital diaphragm and pelvic flooring develop weak and vitality leaks out, the organs all droop, and correct perform doesn’t occur.

If we maintain the muscle groups of the face massaged upward, it turns into extra pure and simpler to smile. As we smile, our face turns upward and the ring muscle groups, diaphragms, and organs additionally have a tendency upward. The Taoist follow of the Interior Smile additionally builds up enticing vitality from the within and this vitality will inevitably overflow and shine on the surface.  

Apply: utilizing the thumb and index finger, push in at each nook of the mouth. As you push in and up on the mouth’s corners, concurrently squeeze the anus and sexual organs. Do that follow ten to twenty occasions a day, together with the interior smile for 5 to 10 minutes a day, and see if it helps you are feeling happier and extra energized.

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