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Historical Chinese language Magic Weblog: Kau Cheem


 Have you ever ever Kau Cheem or heard of kau cheem? 求籤, is a solution to do divination, and it is vitally easy.  All you do is take the cheem container that holds a bunch of sticks, shake it and get one out of the bunch, there goes your consequence, and now you will have to decode this consequence to see what it says about your state of affairs. For many locations like Taoist temples and even your altar at residence, kau cheem might be carried out, however not everybody does it the identical approach.

Some kau cheem requires 100 sticks, some 64, some 36, some 108, no matter it’s, they are going to typically include a e-book that accommodates all of the solutions and so you possibly can simply flip the e-book for the solutions you want and “decode” it your self. Nevertheless, do not you’re feeling it type of foolish?

What is the distinction between kau cheem and a lottery decide or a random pick of a field with papers that acquired numbers on them? Or perhaps a deck of taking part in playing cards thrown within the air then lets see which one you possibly can seize out of the bunch of flying playing cards?  The purpose is, you might be believing {that a} random decide is usually a divination, like a fortunate draw or these scratch-and-win lotttery sport might be one solution to do divination, is not that type of foolish?

What’s divination? significantly?

In Saam Legislation Taoism, we don’t do kau cheem like this, but it’s related however not the identical. 

First off, a random decide will not be a divination, it is nothing however a rnadom decide, and you shouldn’t even consider anybody who can simply pick a stick and name that your destiny.

A divination requires three issues to execute, first is the device which right here is the cheem sticks and such, then secondly is the one who can do the power work to transmit power via the cheem and towards one other topic, and thirdly is a spot that may allow you to channel preheaven power out and in, which is the altar in our case.

What you do in a divination is to beam power from you, via the cheem and to the altar, and the altar directs it to no matter course that may result in the reply, and outcomes got here out due to the power interplay.  It is like taking a rock, throwing it into the outlet after which listening to the echo to estimate how deep the outlet is, and there goes the consequence. It is not JUST shaking the bucket!

Find out how to decode the cheem?  It is all primarily based on power and the way numbers work with power within the nature system, and so we use the 9 star idea in our lineage, which you’ll see from the lecture under, and sure, there isn’t a books in the entire course of, overlook the silly e-book.


Now how do you get began in studying this stuff and be capable of do it at residence?  You’ll first must get ordained, after which we are going to get you going in your studying and cultivation, build up your altar, then you possibly can have your personal cheem and stuff at residence to do your divination.  Do not go to the large temples on the market, it is all crowded, soiled, and most significantly, a waste of time.  If you’re in a rush and also you want somebody that can assist you do the divination, take into account attempting our divination service, which might be carried out on-line, there isn’t a must e-book appointment or wait in line!

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