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Magic Cash Paper Choices ADVANCE Lesson

There are various methods you may customise your paper choices packages for various functions. Nevertheless, there’s a want for everybody to have a normal bundle to start out with, and you may modify from there if you wish to customise it for no matter causes. On this article, we will probably be going by some particular packages for our magic cash units, and likewise how one can customise them for various issues.

For the names, refer again to the submit on “magic cash intro”. This submit is supposed to be for many who already know the fundamentals.

Additionally, you will burn this stuff in ORDER.

Native Deities (higher deck) typically

1x Letter (Non-obligatory)

1x Gold and Silver Pairs

1x Gold and Silver Xiou Gim Pairs (Saam Legislation Stamp)

1x Set of 5 Colours Clothes

1x Pink and Inexperienced Lu Ma

(Stomp in coronary heart spell #2 or #4 if Solar Lung stage, Jo Si Yeh pays the native higher deck deities.)

Native Deities (decrease deck) typically

1x Letter (Non-obligatory)

1x Gold and Silver Pairs

1x Gold and Silver Xiou Gim Pairs (Jo Si Stamp)

1x Set of 5 Colours Clothes

1x Pink and Inexperienced Lu Ma

(Stomp in coronary heart spell #2 or #4 if Solar Lung stage, Jo Si Yeh pays the native decrease deck deities. It’s also possible to simply circle over incense on high deck 3x CW, 3x CCW, to have JO SI pays the decrease deck.)


24 Ki Chiaan

1x Letter (Non-obligatory)

1x Gold and Silver Pairs

1x Set of 5 Colours Clothes

2x Xuan Bwa

(Circle over incense on high deck 3x CW, 3x CCW, to have Jo Si consecrate it for you)

To Celestial Courtroom/God Above (Want/Request)

36 Ki Chiaan

1x Letter (Non-obligatory)

1x Gold and Silver Xiou Gim Pairs (Dei Wong stamp)

1x Set of 5 Colours Clothes

1x Pink and Inexperienced Lu Ma

3x Xuan Bwa

2x Daai Gwong Bwa

(Stomp in coronary heart spell #1 or circle over floor altar incense 3x CW and 3x CCW. You might be utilizing the bottom altar’s wealth to pay the courtroom.)

Boosting somebody (particular person)

18 Ki Chiaan

3x Gold and Silver Pair

1x Set of 5 Colours Clothes

1x Pink and Inexperienced Lu Ma

2x Xuan Bwa

(Stomp in coronary heart spell #2 or #4 if Solar Lung stage. It’s also possible to simply circle over incense on high deck 3x CW, 3x CCW.)

You possibly can burn extra gold and silver, Xiou Gim, or clothes and boosters. These are often the issues that will get custom-made and adjusted.

There isn’t any want for Ki Chiaan and Xuan Bwa if the bundle is burnt for the native, identical to you don’t want a field for somebody who’s receiving it in entrance of you.

It’s also possible to simply seize some gold, silver, boosters, or Xiou Gim and burn them for the gods you might be working with as nicely. It doesn’t all the time must be in a full bundle. For instance, I simply despatched the gods to guard somebody by sanctifying a FU, then I might additionally burn some Xiou Gim into it in order that the FU god inside can have extra energy for doing issues.

Once you determined to “give” any choices, you have to first take into consideration who’s the proprietor of those “paper” first. Like who’s paying the invoice. The papers are like cheques, who’s the account proprietor?  You should use coronary heart spell #2 pr #4 to attach them to the celestial courtroom and make the courtroom pay the invoice, or regionally you should utilize the bottom altar’s account to pay the invoice too.

The query now’s then – how do you identify how a lot to burn, and the way a lot is every gold or silver actually translating to, do it’s a must to burn a LOT or simply 1 is sufficient? Learn on!

Within the default bundle, often we set the stuff to the minimal, like 1 set of this and that. The Ki Chiaan, Xuan Bwa, and Daai Gwong Bwa are set with a selected quantity with a that means to it, so they’re like “coded” with the quantity that has the precise that means.

For gold and silver, Xiou Gim, clothes, boosters, you may modify the quantity in keeping with your want.

Each gold and silver “paper” is like one “bundle” of gold and silver. They don’t seem to be like one web page = $5 and two pages = $10. It’s extra like a cheque; the worth can fluctuate for every “web page” of gold/silver. Meaning in case you are giving to three deities, then you definitely would wish to burn 3 pairs, as a result of that approach all of them have their very own “cheque” or “bundle”.  Think about you’ve got 5 children, and also you by one reward, they must share or take turns to play.  It’s okay to burn ONE pair of gold and silver for the entire higher deck, identical to we’re giving ONE huge envelop for the entire division, to allow them to cope with it. However if you wish to particularly give ONE envelop to a selected deity that helped you this month, you wish to embody ONE MORE for that deity!

So, what units the worth or quantity your cheque (the gold/silver, and so forth.) can have? Please keep in mind that the “gold and silver” just isn’t actual cash and what they’re getting is extra just like the power which they’ll use it to transform it into the equal issues of their world. Due to this fact, the worth of those papers comes from 2 elements.

  1. Your coronary heart, it comes out of your religion, your personal coronary heart power which converts into this preheaven power that embeds on the paper when your intention is ready. That is the BASE worth.
  2. Your credit-TE within the god’s coronary heart/lineage’s system. Once you consecrate the choices, it’s the gods or the courtroom that’s deciding on how a lot to provide you primarily based in your profile that you’ve construct up within the lineage. In case you are a beginner, then you definitely get a beginner payout. In case you are an excellent disciple who’ve been doing numerous stuff for the lineage, you get extra on your payout, since you deserve extra. All these are about YOUR VALUE within the Tao’s coronary heart, which now interprets to how a lot the Tao is paying you for these. Meaning, in case you are only a beginner, you wish to burn 10000 pages of gold and silver on your altar, it doesn’t imply you get extra worth. The quantity is the SAME regardless of what number of pages you burn. The Tao has a set quantity for you already, it’s simply you wish to put it into 1 or 1000 pages.

MORE just isn’t the higher. It is best to deal with it as just like the # of things are for # of individuals or case. It’s like one set of this, for one cause/objective/particular person.

For instance, I’m burning 8 units of gold and silver, 1 for the entire higher deck deities, 1 for the troops that helped me with the case on Jan 12, and three for the three particular deities on the altar, and 5 for five guardians that I’ve requested them to assist me this month.

It’s also possible to be giving like 1 set for this venture, 1 set for that venture and so forth. It’s the intention that modifications the whole lot.

Let’s say I’m burning a bundle for an individual to spice up their luck or one thing. I could possibly be burning 3 FUs to them – one for wealth luck enhance, one for profession alternative, and one for social luck. Then I might additionally embody 3 units of gold and silver and so forth. It is because I wish to empower the three initiatives / duties. I might do ONE for the entire group too, it is dependent upon what I wish to do and the way I wish to make the ratio totally different. For instance, I feel that boosting the social luck is most pressing, then I’ll give 2-3 units to THAT venture, that provides the three set to five now. Then you might be burning a complete of 5 units. RATIO can inform the gods how necessary A B or C is.

Asking the HQ to burn for you is all the time going to lead to extra worth on every providing as a result of the HQ have essentially the most credit score TE construct up. That’s the reason it’s all the time a good suggestion to have HQ burn on your altar or for any necessary circumstances.

Bear in mind to burn the MMs right into a secure metal bucket, like these pink buckets we use for burning issues. They’re very secure and might deal with the warmth with out difficulty. On the backside, there may be additionally a metallic rack which stage up the paper for quicker and cleaner burning.  When you can’t have entry to those, ten you may burn it right into a metal bucket from Residence Depot. It’s all the time a good suggestion to burn these OUTSIDE and never indoor. I’ve burnt them indoor after I was dwelling in a home, and it’s advantageous in case you are cautious, simply that the smoke could be very annoying. Burning it outdoors is the perfect. All the time have a metallic stick round to stir the stuff in the event that they get packed or bunched up.  Dump the ashes as soon as some time, don’t let it construct up an excessive amount of. I often clear it as soon as a month or so, maintaining it empty and so the following time you burn once more it might be a lot cleaner and smokeless.

Bear in mind NOT TO RUSH when you’re burning. Do issues SLOWLY one after the other and you’d have the perfect non-panic expertise. The more severe factor you are able to do is freak out then mild up the stuff and throw all of it into the pot pondering which you could escape from the hearth. DO NOT do this!  Burn issues one after the other, and toss within the subsequent when the hearth is nearly operating out, so you may catch the hearth and proceed burning one after one other. In case you are doing this in the course of the ceremony time, try to be burning them on the finish of the ceremony, and likewise take off your robes and such to keep away from being a “fireman”.

If you wish to burn but in addition have HQ consecrate YOUR paper choices, you too can purchase the TREASURE FUand burn it over your MMs.

The strategy for No-Fireplace could be very easy, however it’s not the popular approach. You possibly can take the entire bundle of choices in hand, after which after you’ve got bow to the celebration that receives it, then you definitely would stomp in coronary heart spell #1 after which do 3x CW circle in entrance of you, then drop it on the ground to represent that you’re “letting go”, after which take this stuff and shred it or bag it up for trash. This CAN be carried out if in case you have no selection on the location and so forth. Nevertheless, the hearth methodology is the perfect and best methodology.

An excellent instance of that is that folks used to THROW the Ki Chiaan within the cemeteries and such when doing ceremony (as a substitute of burning it), which additionally work as a solution to “ship them off”, identical to the way in which we talked about above. Nevertheless, it’s best o BURN when you can.

There are occasions the place a particular god might be giving cash or clothes and so forth. too. For instance, if it’s the Tin Legislation Jo Si Anniversary, you too can take the gold/silver/Xiou Gim/clothes/booster and write the Tin Legislation Jo Si FU HEAD on it with the black brush, then stamp it with the Saam Legislation Stamp after which consecrate it with Tin Legislation Jo Si (coronary heart spell #2 or #4), then these choices will probably be Tin Legislation Jo Si cash which you’ll be able to then GIFT them to totally different individuals/altar/native deities and such.

Particular events like anniversaries and so forth is the perfect time to get BONUS presents from HQ too. Typically there will probably be particular MMs despatched to disciples! On these particular ones, you may burn it on your altar and even for your self! 

Bear in mind, it’s all about YOUR CREDIT in that god’s coronary heart. In case you have no relationship constructed with these gods but, then even you wrote the fu heads over the paper, the gods should not supplying you with something. Due to this fact, it’s actually the perfect to get HQ-consecrated MMs for these particular dates!

For Solar Lung Stage disciples – keep in mind SAPPOT? Construct your credit score with that, and it does allow you to improve your potentials within the MM payouts from the courtroom!

Need HQ to burn choices for you? HERE is the hyperlink.


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