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Progress Notes on My Etteilla Tarot Redux – benebell wen

You possibly can ignore the misalignment problem with the cardboard numbers (like what you see above between 7 and eight) as a result of I want to vary the structure design fully.

Above for reference you’ll discover Playing cards 7 & 8 from Etteilla II on the left and the way they appear in Etteilla III on the suitable (these are illustrations from the Lemarchand textual content). I’m slowly translating the cardboard meanings discovered within the Orsini and Lemarchand texts from French to English for the guidebook.

Eighteen playing cards in and I notice my preliminary imaginative and prescient for the structure design shouldn’t be going to work. The font measurement proper now’s at 64 pts. By my estimations, it must be at 85 pts.

Ignore the key phrases, card #, picture mixture above. I took the longest key phrase phrases from the finished playing cards up to now, plus the very best #78, and the newest illustration I accomplished to check out structure design.

I don’t prefer it. Perhaps it’s the font sort I selected. I’m additionally attempting to keep away from fancy, curly font. It must be very straightforward to learn. But when the font sort is simply too trendy, or it doesn’t match the aesthetics of the Etteilla deck I’m attempting to create, it’s not gonna look good. Perhaps I can’t go along with all-caps. My reasoning for all-caps was purely superficial– it’s simpler to align by way of spacing. While you use lowercase, the y, j, looping down, and fs looping up could make it just a little tougher to look proper.

A signature characteristic within the Etteilla decks is the upright and reversed key phrases. Whether or not or not he was the primary to introduce studying reversals, Etteilla popularized studying with reversals.

So for each card I draw, I’ve been turning it the wrong way up to think about the reversed perspective of the illustration in addition to the upright. And since the key phrases are such an iconic characteristic within the Etteilla decks, they have to be legible. On this explicit system of tarot, the key phrases are as a lot part of card interpretation because the illustrations.

Developing with the “excellent” key phrases is sooo arduous. You need it evocative and exact sufficient that anybody selecting up this deck will be capable to perceive what the key phrases are referring to. But it additionally must be as common and common as doable, in order that there’s house for individuals to learn into the playing cards in their very own private methods. And since individuals are so totally different, that’s subsequent to unattainable.

That Ten of Cash, by the best way, took me endlessly. Within the Etteilla, this card corresponds astrologically with the Airtight Lot of Fortune, and the reversed card which means has a “Wheel of Fortune from the Majors” vibe to it. However then I didn’t need it to be too just like what I’d do for the Wheel of Fortune card,

In my earlier standing replace weblog submit, I shared the first seven pip playing cards from the go well with of Cash, right here.

Selecting up the place I left off, right here is the Eight of Cash and 9 of Cash, corresponding with the north lunar node and south lunar node respectively.

On the time of this standing replace posting, I’ve accomplished the primary 12 playing cards within the Main Arcana and the ten pip playing cards from the go well with of Cash.

I’m writing each the long-form guidebook and the LWB on the similar time whereas drawing every card. The entries characteristic the Etteilla II card photos, solely as a result of the Lismon engravings are the one full-deck model of Etteilla that I may discover that’s a top quality decision. I cowl the important thing symbols and what every one means, then the cardboard’s divinatory which means upright.

I additionally characteristic the deck artwork in reverse for the part on the reversals, hoping that can assist the reader get acclimated to seeing the pictures in reverse.

Now let’s speak in regards to the 4 Virtues which can be outstanding within the Etteilla however not a lot within the extra widespread variations of the tarot.

Etteilla I (Livre de Thot 1750s Basan Engravings)

A legend accompanying the 1790s Petit Oracles des Dames model of Etteilla notes that the playing cards representing the 4 Virtues (Justice, Temperance, Fortitude, and Prudence) are encoded with a abstract of all secrets and techniques of the E book of Thoth. Within the Etteilla I engravings, all 4 Dames are sporting a belt inscribed with the phrase THOTH.

Etteilla I (Jean Henri Pussey 1860-1890)

The above coloring reveals “THOTH” on the primary three virtues, however appears to be lacking from Prudence’s belt.

Etteilla II (1850s Lismon Letterpress)

Then if you get to Etteilla II, or at the very least the Lismon model, solely Fortitude is sporting the THOTH belt. There’s additionally a major change in Temperance between Etteilla I and Etteilla II. Right here, Temperance is holding the Bridle of Restraint (quite than the extra acquainted two vessels with liquid poured between the 2) and accompanied by an elephant (a preferred seventeenth century animal correspondence for Temperance).

In Etteilla I and II, there are a couple of frequent options between the Justice and Power/Fortitude playing cards: the checkered flooring tiles alongside the underside and the purple curtains alongside the highest. (The curtains are lacking in some iterations of Etteilla II, such because the Lismon model pictured right here.) In order that’s why you see these options recurring between Justice and Fortitude in my illustrations.

Estensi Tarot (additionally Charles VI or Gringonneur Tarot), fifteenth c.

Though none of those Etteilla Fortitude depictions characteristic the damaged column motif, you’ll discover it in a number of historic tarot decks. Plus, it was a preferred approach of depicting Fortitude through the Renaissance.

I used to be additionally impressed closely by the Fortitude depiction within the Tarot de Mantegna, which you’ll be able to take a look at right here. Scroll all the best way right down to “The Cosmic Rules (Cardinal Virtues)” to see Playing cards 34 by way of 37.

And right here’s my Temperance and Prudence:

I’m nonetheless on the fence in regards to the crimson triangle and inexperienced hemisphere factor on Temperance, however you’ll be able to see how I did that to remain in step with the Temperance depiction in Etteilla I. It’s not in Etteilla II or III, so I’d simply give myself permission to edit that out. Unsure but.

Tarots Egyptiens or Princess Tarot (1875), printed by Lo Scarabeo (2018)

Right here is that triangle and sphere state of affairs underneath the ft of Temperance within the Princess Tarot model of Etteilla.

Etteilla III (Grand Jeu de L’Oracle des Dames), engravings from the Lemarchand textual content

Etteilla III departs from Etteilla I and II fairly a bit, so I’ve been primarily protecting to the symbolism from I and II. The above engravings of Etteilla III are from the Lemarchand textual content, one of many books on Etteilla card meanings I’m translating and integrating into the guidebook.

Etteilla III, Jeu de l’Oracle des Dames (1870s)

I’m loving how these 4 virtues got here out. Now on to The Lovers equal and The Satan, which within the Etteilla are consecutive playing cards.

Kinda humorous how on 4/22/2022, I’ve accomplished precisely 22 playing cards from my Etteilla redux deck. =)


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