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Sacred Seven within the Cash – benebell wen

I beforehand posted my first full drafts of the primary seven Main Arcana playing cards in my reinterpretation of the Etteilla Tarot, right here.

As a substitute of continuous on to the second septenary of Majors, so as, I spotted that virtually talking, I had higher strive my hand on among the pips early on, as a result of the very last thing I need to occur is to complete the inventive labor for all of the Majors then begin on the pips, solely to understand I hated the route I used to be getting into and having to desert the undertaking altogether, in spite of everything that work had already been achieved.

So I assumed, okay, let me see if I may even provide you with method to the pip playing cards first, earlier than committing to this deck undertaking.

However the place do I begin? I began on the tail finish of the deck (however not Card 78 or Key 0 The Idiot). I began with Card 77, the Ace of Cash, then labored backward to Card 76, the Two of Cash, Card 75, the Three Cash, and so forth.

This weblog submit will showcase the primary drafts of the seven Cash playing cards corresponding with the Sacred Seven (within the order of Solar, Mercury, Venus, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn).

In my earlier submit I discussed that the primary 12 keys of the Majors, so as, correspond with the 12 zodiac indicators. I’ll get extra into that in a later submit after I get additional in to the Majors.

“Etteilla I” – 1860-1890, Jean Henri Pussey

The final 10 playing cards within the Minors correspond with 10 key astrological factors that’s usually thought-about while you do a natal or horary chart studying.

Etteilla’s Astrological Correspondences


Card No.

Livre de Thot

(Basan Engravings, 1791)

Astrological Correspondences
Minor Arcana – Planets & Airtight Heaps
68 Ten of Cash Lot of Fortune
69 9 of Cash South Node
70 Eight of Cash North Node
71 Seven of Cash Saturn
72 Six of Cash Jupiter
73 5 of Cash Mars
74 4 of Cash Moon
75 Three of Cash Venus
76 Two of Cash Mercury
77 Ace of Cash Solar
Grand Etteilla 1860-1890 (Jean-Henri Pussey, Paris)

You’ll see within the above iteration of the Grand Etteilla that the coin icons function the astrological glyph correspondence. I imagine this can be a colored-in model of the Grand Etteilla I.

Grand Etteilla 1750 (Basan engravings, Paris)

Initially, the highest third featured the cash with astrological glyph correspondences and the underside third featured an illustration of the corresponding god or goddess (aside from the Ace of Cash, which reverses that). There’s Hermes on Card 76, Aphrodite on Card 75, and Selene on Card 74.

Grand Etteilla 1850 (Lismon engravings, Paris)

Within the above model, which I feel is commonly dubbed Grand Etteilla II, you see the astrological intentions, however beginning with the Three, there are not any glyphs. With respect to the Ace of Cash (Card 77 above), it options Apollo with a solar as his crown.

Prime Row: Conver Tarot 1760, Tarot of Paul Christian 1863 engraving, Le Grand Tarot Belline 1881, Etteilla I (Basan Engravings) 1750s, Etteilla I (Jean Henri Pussey printing) 1860-1890, Etteilla II (Lismon Letterpress) 1850s

One of many key distinctions between decks like Etteilla and TdMs and the favored RWS system of approaching tarot is narratively-illustrated pips.

Decks just like the Etteilla are, for essentially the most half, not narratively illustrated within the pips, whereas the RWS system’s key distinguishing level could be narrative illustrations, or Minor Arcana card artwork that tells a narrative associated to its assigned that means.

So, as a result of to my evaluation, that was one key distinguishing level, I couldn’t go the route of narratively-illustrated pips for my Etteilla.

However in fact I additionally didn’t need the Minors to be a sparse, minimalist afterthought to the Majors.

And for the Etteilla particularly, that one factor you instantly spot that makes an Etteilla “an Etteilla” is that two-thirds and one-third division of the cardboard. In my thoughts, for me to name this an Etteilla, the pips had to have that two-thirds and one-third line division.

I’ve that two-thirds and one-third division of the house, however allowed the boundary line to get crossed. This continues that “breaking the fourth wall” idea from the Majors, and also you see it with Inanna within the above Three of Cash.

The cash within the Inanna card function rosettes, that are symbols related to the goddess. For the Two of Cash, you’ll see two Pentacles of Mercury, and within the Ace of Cash, Greek coinage with a nod to the 4 of Cash with crescent moons, which can function Selene. (After which in Selene’s card, there’s a nod to the Ace of Cash.)

Replace: (I’m writing up this weblog submit over the course of weeks.) The beforehand posted Two of Cash underwent a revision. See above left earlier than and proper after. Very minor coloring tweaks, however to my eyes, makes an enormous distinction.

The art work for my Etteilla is much more loosely allegorical than narrative. So, for these aware of the RWS and might image the Three of Pentacles in your thoughts proper now, be aware how that illustration tells a narrative, otherwise you can inform a narrative from it fairly simply. That’s not essentially the case with my Etteilla method to pips illustration.

My SKT Three of Orbs illustration was supposed to be narrative and inform a narrative, despite the fact that this specific card doesn’t function folks (for cultural particular causes). However the Etteilla Three of Cash simply spotlights the goddess affiliation to the planet Venus, which on this case is expressed by Inanna.

However, hopefully, if you recognize a factor or two concerning the myths related to Inanna, that may assist complement card that means associations, upright and reverse. She was highly effective, sort, a goddess of each love and warfare, and of fertility. But she might be fairly spiteful. Provoke her and she or he gained’t even hearken to different gods who inform her to face down!

I’m loving how Selene on the 4 of Cash turned out. The coin design on this card is a tribute to the Triple Goddess.

Key options in every of the playing cards are nonetheless hand-drawn and scanned in. After I scan them in, I take away the white background to create a clear layer, after which go in to refine the picture digitally. Shade can also be added digitally.

One of many “cheats” with digital artwork is fixing up errors within the hand-drawn model. So, for instance, I can re-do among the line work for her hair, delete stray traces, and simply throughout clear up the drawing.

I don’t know if I must be exhibiting you this, however right here we go…

Hey now. I’m positively not the one one who does this. I couldn’t discover a good reference for toes organized in the best way I wished, so I needed to take a selfie of my very own silly toes and that’s how I drew Selene. And eeks– my mirror must be cleaned! (That’s embarrassing…)

Replace: The earlier reversed third for the Three of Cash was too sparse, so I revised it to provide it a “descent into the underworld” vibe.

Initially I had this idea of pairing Girl Zhurong, a warrior queen from Chinese language Taoist mythos, with Tyr, the Norse and Germanic god of warfare, legislation and order, and treaties. However the composition simply ended up trying actually messy. So I made a decision Girl Zhurong could make her look in one other card, and Tyr could be the principle focus within the 5 of Cash, together with Fenrir the wolf.

Upright, one divine facet of Mars could be extra current, and reverse, the opposite facet. Some would possibly acknowledge the sketch of Zhurong from Tao of Craft. It is a sketch I did in my private non-public grimoire.

I scanned it in, touched it up, and digitally coloured it for this Etteilla deck.

Fenrir the wolf monster is Loki’s son. I assumed it was sort of cool how they align alongside the reversed backside third of the Cash.

As for the guidebook, that’s coming alongside. The guidebook goes to be each relevant to the standard Etteilla decks, so one is pictured alongside my model, and with notes on the options particular to my reinterpretations.

Progress has been gradual, as I’m translating three completely different books on Etteilla card meanings from French to English, reconciling the three, after which together with card that means notes from my very own tarot journal on the Etteilla system.

Minor tweaks make such an enormous distinction. It’s sort of loopy how a lot particulars matter. Take the above earlier than and after pictures, for instance. On the left, the composition appears crowded and the cash are overwhelming the picture of Saturn / Ba’al Hammon. However on the precise, despite the fact that I actually didn’t change all that a lot, now it appears a little bit extra balanced. Positive, it’s nonetheless actually busy, however in my protection, there’s quite a bit that must be included right here. =) The necessities guidelines is lengthy. =P

In case you had been questioning, each a kind of cash are based mostly on precise cash. There’s a reference to the Punic Wars (Rome vs. Carthage) right here. =) One trace: The 2 cash “dealing with off” round Saturn’s head is the Roman god Mars on the left and the Punic goddess Tanit on the precise.

I drafted 8 cash, although solely used 7 of them. Prime row left-most coin is Ishtar. Prime row right-most coin is an owl, a reference to Athena. Backside row: Medusa is obv., proper? The elephant is a reference to the Punic Wars. Identical with the following one over ft. a Phoenician warfare galley with 3 hoplites (Greek city-state troopers), and a hippocamp in entrance. There’s additionally a Murex shell in entrance of the hippocamp, symbolic of Phoenician imperial dye, which was made out of the highly-prized Murex shells.

Only a reminder: the key phrases alongside the highest and backside proper now are short-term placeholders. The core that means I’m intending gained’t change a lot, however wording most likely will.

Living proof, the Seven of Cash– proper now I can’t consider extra poetic wording to convey that that means. So I’ll should revisit with contemporary eyes afterward and see if I can provide you with something higher.

One problem is the inconsistency between the key phrases printed on the  playing cards and Etteilla’s personal written card meanings. After which within the Orsini textual content, not solely are there web page by web page card that means entries that don’t all the time align with the key phrase printed on the cardboard, however behind the e-book there’s a further abstract itemizing of the a number of key phrases attributed to every card… and the entire above usually contradict one another to the purpose the place I’ve no concept what the intention could be.

So I kinda should make my very own judgment calls.

Am I studying an excessive amount of into this, or is there a slight nod to Saturn’s scythe within the RWS Seven of Pentacles? Hidden in plain sight? I can observe the reasoning for altering the scythe to a hoe, to keep away from confusion with the Loss of life card…

My plan proper now could be to proceed with the Cash to complete Eight, 9, and Ten (corresponding with the north and south lunar nodes respectively, and the Airtight Lot of Fortune).

Then I’ll hop again to the Majors and draft the Second Septenary.


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