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Video: The Most Primary Truths: Gateways to Freedom Dharma Discuss

Once I first entered the monasteries in Thailand and Burma, I used to be taught every little thing is anicca (impermanent), dukkha (unsatisfactory), and anatta (no-self). The explanation these had been repeated over and over is as a result of in case you see these, you see with the eyes of knowledge. As a result of every little thing is altering, the extra you cling and maintain on, the extra you endure.

To free ourselves, we have to quiet the thoughts by way of some mindfulness in meditation.Then, as a substitute of figuring out with the altering circumstances, we study to launch them and switch towards consciousness itself, to relaxation within the realizing. My trainer Ajahn Chah known as this pure consciousness, “the unique thoughts,” or resting in “the one who is aware of.”

Because the Jiddu Krishnamurti stated, “It’s the reality that liberates, and never your efforts to be free.”

With observe, we uncover the selflessness of expertise; we shift id. We may be within the midst of an expertise, being upset or indignant or caught by some downside, after which step again from it and relaxation in pure consciousness. We let go; we launch holding any thought or feeling as “I” or “mine.” We launch the entire sense of identification, and the conditioned world is simply anicca (impermanent), dukkha (unsatisfactory), and anatta (empty of self) — it has nothing to do with our true nature. We study to belief pure consciousness itself. This is among the methods Ajahn Chah taught about liberation. Awakening is at all times right here and now. Training this fashion, your life is remodeled.

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This discuss was initially livestreamed by Spirit Rock on Could 16, 2022.


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