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Hippocrates Did WHAT to Deal with Hemorrhoids?

Do you know that greater than half of all folks must take care of hemorrhoids at the least as soon as of their life? Though hemorrhoids are a problem nobody seems to be ahead to coping with, in case you ever end up addressing that pesky situation, be VERY glad you aren’t dwelling in historical Greece with the famed Hippocrates (aka the “Father of Trendy Medication”) as your doctor.

The famed physician traveled broadly and even might have written a lot of his ideas and practices down (though as a result of many Greeks studied beneath him and wrote primarily based on his educating, it’s possible there are a number of authors of the works normally known as the “Hippocratic Assortment”). What he’s by far most well-known for is the nonetheless used “Hippocratic Oath” taken by fashionable physicians around the globe to at the present time. What’s ironic is that the oath states to “do no hurt” – which is why it could be stunning to seek out out in case you went to a Hippocratic physician in historical Greece they might deal with your hemorrhoids by actually taking heated iron surgical devices to your derriere!

Greek physician and patient, plaster cast in W.H.M.M. (Wellcome Collection/ CC BY 4.0)

Greek doctor and affected person, plaster forged in W.H.M.M. (Wellcome Assortment/ CC BY 4.0 )

Hippocrates’ Process to Deal with Hemorrhoids

The precise phrases of the 400 BC treatise “On Hemorrhoids” go into nice element on precisely methods to finest accomplish this process. It states that “seven or eight” iron surgical instruments with a coin sized piece on the tip must be “ready” – that means made purple sizzling. Then the affected person must be held down with arms restrained whereas the hemorrhoids are actually “burned till the pile is dried up, in order that no half could also be left behind”. Curiously, the work particularly inspired the affected person to not be gagged and be inspired to yell, as a result of yelling will “push the anus out” and make it simpler to entry and burn off extra hemorrhoids!

Surgical tools, 5th century BC, Greece. Reconstruction based on descriptions within the Hippocratic corpus. Thessaloniki Technology Museum. (Gts-tg/CC BY-SA 4.0)

Surgical instruments, fifth century BC, Greece. Reconstruction primarily based on descriptions throughout the Hippocratic corpus. Thessaloniki Know-how Museum. (Gts-tg/ CC BY-SA 4.0 )

When the process was completed there at the least had been processes in place to deal with the (presumably now fairly extra extreme) wounds within the individual’s bottom. After the operation a traditional soothing paste was utilized, comprised of the medicinal staples (?) lentils and chickpeas, and a bandage was tied to the individual’s midriff to carry it in place for a number of days. After the lentil-chickpea bandage was eliminated, honey could be utilized to a brand new bandage, and inserted into the individual’s anus.

Now how the individual was relieving themselves throughout that week, or how they may presumably do it with any semblance of hygiene… is finest not to consider. Particularly when you think about the truth that historical Greeks tended to make use of precise shards of pottery in lieu of bathroom paper after going “#2”. I can consider few worse issues than having to actually scrape feces off of current burn wounds… however I assume these historical Greeks had been a distinct breed. Sadly, that behavior of utilizing pottery shards as tp is a significant cause why hemorrhoids had been so frequent amongst historical Greeks.

Ancient Greek pottery of Cycladic workshop, find from cemetery north of Paroikia, shard with painting, 700 – 600 BC. Archaeological museum of Paros. Zde/CC BY-SA 4.0

Historic Greek pottery of Cycladic workshop, discover from cemetery north of Paroikia, shard with portray, 700 – 600 BC. Archaeological museum of Paros. Zde/ CC BY-SA 4.0

Different Historic Hemorrhoid Cures

This “burn them straight to hell!” method appears to be contained to the Greeks, though different potential options (primarily ALL preferable) had been additionally written about by each the Hippocratic authors and different historical societies. For instance, historical Egyptians had a number of recipes for medicinal pastes that might be utilized to the affected areas.

Curiously, a distinct technique utilized by Romans, Indians, and Arabs concerned “ligation”. Ligation, or actually chopping off blood move to an space, was utilized by every of those cultures and in addition pops up in a few of the Hippocratic writings. The Greeks wrote about utilizing wool or thread to tightly tie off the hemorrhoid, chopping off the blood move to it so over time it might truly shrivel up and fall off both by itself or via “excision” – chopping it off. This system has truly stood the check of time and it’s one in every of a number of strategies nonetheless used, though now docs use a rubber band as an alternative of some model of thread to tie off the hemorrhoid.

11th century English miniature. On the right is an operation to remove hemorrhoids. On the left a patient with gout is treated with cutting and burning of the feet. (Public Domain)

eleventh century English miniature. On the best is an operation to take away hemorrhoids. On the left a affected person with gout is handled with chopping and burning of the ft. ( Public Area )

Hemorrhoid Burning Apart, Hippocrates Made Some Optimistic Contributions to At this time’s Well being Care

Of all potential options, the Hippocratic purple sizzling iron burning is totally the worst. Nevertheless, Hippocrates did give the world a complete new manner of taking a look at well being and even such phrases as symptom, prognosis, remedy, trauma, and sepsis. He’s credited as the primary to precisely diagnose epilepsy and work out that it was brought on by a problem throughout the mind, and due to this fact it proved that the mind did in actual fact management the physique.

He additionally named a bunch of illnesses we proceed to name by the identical phrases at this time, reminiscent of most cancers, diabetes, arthritis, coma, and paralysis. He even found out methods to diagnose and deal with a lung an infection generally known as empyema, a doubtlessly deadly situation that might require a CT scan and X-ray for prognosis at this time.

Given Hippocrates’ host of outstanding accomplishments throughout a number of medical disciplines earlier than the invention of almost all fashionable diagnostic instruments, maybe we can provide him a break for making the incorrect name on one explicit situation. Additionally contemplating it’s at all times finest to look on the brighter facet of issues, and contemplating virtually everybody will take care of hemorrhoids sooner or later of their life… when it occurs, you possibly can at the least be additional glad you’re dealing with it with fashionable drugs at your facet!

Prime Picture: thirteenth century depiction of hemorrhoid surgical procedure. Supply: The British Library / Public Area

By Brendan Beatty


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