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Historic Chinese language Magic Weblog: FU Talisman within the Pockets

Lots of people is aware of which you could put some FU Talisman in your pockets, or round your neck, your jacket, no matter… however what does it actually do and what can this FU Talisman actually do for you? Taking a step again, it is best to ask your self, why are you placing it right here contained in the pockets?  FU Talisman shouldn’t be like nutritional vitamins, it does not work for those who simply put any FU Talisman in a random plac.  FU Talisman shouldn’t be a ornament, it’s a magical instrument, and it’s positioned at a selected spot for a selected purpose, and the FU is then customized made to suit the aim.

For instance, that is the pockets FU Talisman from my pockets, does not it look cool? Shut up…!

That is cool proper? However that’s solely the “cowl”, to bolster the output energy of the FU inside. The FU inside is one other lengthy piece of yellow paper with black textual content, and it’s folded right into a triangle, with different secret components, and contained inside this “cowl” or pouch.  The FU inside is like this beneath:

The entire objective of this FU talisman within the image above is to hyperlink the pockets up with the altar, and bond within the energy to retailer in vitality of the “yolk ching” (one of many 3 pure ones), to assist the pockets to have vitality for safety, serving to it to be protected and freed from disturbance, On the similar time, it can collect in vitality to radiate it is mild, help the transaction and stop evil or detrimental energies from invading. This FU Talisman is finished in black textual content, yellow paper, which means to drag issues “into” the pockets itself, and stuff up the pockets with this vitality, this magic energy.

I carry the pockets with me with I am going out, and I do not need anybody to steal my pockets, whereas I would like my transaction with cash to be easy and steady in any respect time, so this FU will assist me out, and in addition assist me do higher buy and higher choice making for issues that I’ll need to work together with.

Each FU talisman may be decoded and defined, however then, they’re all lineage-exclusive as now we have mentioned earlier than – which means that, the FU Talismans of 1 lineage doesn’t share with one other lineage, as a result of completely different lineage use completely different “codes” and they’re by no means the identical. Subsequently, to be taught FU Talisman correctly, you have to stick to 1 path to be good at it, or you can be all confused. One of the best ways to start out is to get ordained as a Taoist, then begin studying beneath the grasp who canr provide you with actual private teachings, resembling how we do it right here with our teachings.


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