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Security alerts 2022 – GOV.UK

Revealed 24 January 2022

Final up to date 5 July 2022
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  1. Added: Security alert: Fitment of plastic hearth door protecting coverings.

  2. Added: Security alert: Glen Dimples ‘A’ Class water cylinders.

  3. Added: Security Alert: Gas System VJ Coupling Failure.

  4. Added: Security alert: Yorkshire or Schneider YSF6 Circuit Breakers – Operational Restriction.

  5. Added: Security Alert: Management measures for work on Fireplace Alarm Panels with a number of factors of isolation.

  6. Added: Danger of unintended lifting of ‘EJ Co.’ triangular inspection covers by Runway Sweeper FOD magnet, positioned in Plane Working Surfaces.

  7. Added: Security alert: Saturnus car scissor carry.

  8. First printed.


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