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Studying I Ching With out Books

Most of you guys attempting to study the I Ching will principally be in your journey of attempting to memorise the symbols and their which means, or at the very least attempting to memorise the essential 8 “gwa”s. Whereas that’s just about what individuals do these days, it isn’t the way in which to go. What’s I Ching?  You understand it, the ebook of change, and so how are you going to memorise it like it would by no means change?

Many individuals learn the identical ebook and everybody might need totally different feeling after studying it, identical to when individuals are loopy over the technique of Solar Tze, some sees his ebook as a weapon to win wars and sees it as information to run a rustic, whereas some sees it as a solution to finish wars.  Completely different individuals with totally different visions and their stuff within the coronary heart will change every little thing.  The issue with I Ching learners as we speak are that everybody is attempting to generate profits out of this factor, and they also inform you to memorise it, or stretch it, drag it, make it lengthy and large like it’s imagined to be taught over a 4 years college program.  Proper, it is concerning the cash.

In my video under you’ll by no means go to those seminars and stuff for I Ching anymore. It is all taught to you in a single video, packed in 1 hour, and you might be achieved. How exhausting is it?  Much less BS, let’s go:


Now you perceive what I Ching is about and the best way to decode the symbols. So what’s subsequent? The true query is “Learn how to do the divination?” and even make use of the symbols?  It is like now you perceive numbers, and you know the way to attract the 123s, so the best way to use them in actual life?  With out a grasp, you’ll be misplaced.

In Taoism and Taoist magic, we use the bagua and I Ching symbols on a regular basis, identical to how we use them within the bagua gown as defined within the video under:


So how do you truly use the I Ching and bagua and all that?  Effectively, that is why you study from a grasp.  To be trustworthy, even doing the I Ching divination is not only to do a random choose or a formulated choose then count on that can “work”. Divination will not be a divination when you do not have the precise power work happening.  Due to this fact, the final word reply is, it’s worthwhile to study Taoist magic to get your fingers on the divination. Moreover, all of the individuals who do divination within the historic occasions are all specialist in their very own non secular cultivation, and a few form of spiritual practise professionals. Be it a shaman or no matter it’s, however all of them practise magic and a few form of power work. 

How will you count on your self to be fidgeting with some sticks and cash then immediately the magical code of nature will come out for ya?  You want the magic, and right here, you’ll be able to get ordained as we speak to start out studying.  You need assistance and wish us to do the divination?  Certain, we do present I Ching divination too.  The underside-line is, do not fall for the book-route for studying I ching, you want no books however highly effective mind, and grasp to show you the stuff immediately, then it will likely be yours!

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