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The Corpus Hermeticum / Divine Pymander (textual content obtain) – benebell wen

I’m presently reconstructing an Etteilla tarot deck, and as a part of my course of, I’m deep-diving into the Divine Pymander (one model of the Corpus Hermeticum) as a result of Etteilla was reportedly obsessive about the Pymander and gave that textual content an excessive amount of sacred authority.

And so to do a correct Etteilla deck, I assumed I had higher get myself familiarized with this textual content that he personally positioned a lot significance on.

(Kinda like how, with a purpose to get into Eliphas Levi, I needed to first get into the Key of Solomonhyperlinked Key of Solomon will take you to a free textual content obtain)

So I compiled the 1650 Everard translation of the Divine Pymander and the 1906 Mead translation of the Corpus Hermeticum tractates collectively right into a guide for handy referencing. These texts date again to the 2nd century AD, if not earlier, and are discourses within the type of Socratic dialogues on the character of God (divinity), humanity, the thoughts, alchemy, and astrology. You’ll additionally discover a number of crossover with Gnostic doctrine.

So far as I can collect, the Pymander and the physique of texts known as the Corpus Hermeticum are the identical, besides there are extra tractates, or books, within the Pymander than there are in Mead’s 1906 translation of the Corpus Hermeticum. Since each are included on this compiled guide, you are able to do your personal due diligence. On this textual content obtain, I’ve additionally included a number of inserts from the Nag Hammadi found in 1945 and now added to the Airtight corpus.

Inside Pages (PDF)

6″ x 9″ Formatted with Mirror Margins for Binding

If you wish to buy a bodily printed copy of the textual content, you are able to do so through print on demand. I’ve gone forward and formatted and uploaded the guide for simple ordering.

Buy Bodily Copy – Paperback

through – $11.02 USD

In case you are not situated within the U.S., then you definitely received’t need to use the above choice. You’ll want to make use of the Lulu account primarily based in your nation and manually add the guide information your self– transport goes to be lots cheaper that approach.


There are a number of recurring characters all through the textual content:

Hermes TrismegistusAdditionally: Thoth-Hermes. Referred all through the textual content as Hermes and as soon as King of Egypt; a philosopher-king and excessive priest. Syncretization of the Egyptian god Thoth and the Greek god Hermes. The Corpus Hermeticum is attributed to him because the writer.

PymanderAdditionally: Poimandres, Poemander, or Pimander. The thoughts of the Nice Lord, essentially the most mighty and absolute Emperor, the Pharaoh of pharaohs. Presumably the personification/deification of the interior Larger Self. Described as being the Thoughts of God, and that such a thoughts is each Male and Feminine without delay, comprised of Gentle. Hermes names a few of Pymander’s epithets: Lord of the Phrase, God with the Reality, Shepherd of Males, and The Thoughts of Absolute Energy and Authority, to call a number of.

Tat: Hermes Trismegistus then takes on the position of instructor, lecturer, and clever man to converse with a disciple, Tat. Tat receives divine knowledge and information from Hermes Trismegistus via the Socratic dialogues. When addressing Hermes, Tat refers to him as “O Father” and Hermes to Tat as “O Son.”

Asclepius: Hermes Trismegistus converses with Asclepius through query and reply to debate the character of the Divine, of humanity, and so forth. Typically it’s Asclepius imparting information and the reply to Hermes, and different instances it’s Hermes imparting information and the solutions to Asclepius. In different tractates, Hermes is lecturing at Asclepius.

Beneath are some notes which may provide context for what every guide or tractate discusses, although these notes will not be included within the textual content obtain since you may not essentially agree with my assessments. In the event you do discover the beneath factors useful, then that’s one thing you’ll must manually combine into the top notes of the textual content your self. (There are lined pages on the again so that you can add notes.)

Pymander, the Shepherd of Males / The Second Guide, Known as Pymander

  • Airtight revelatory imaginative and prescient of the creation of the universe
  • Commentary on the character of the human situation
  • Inside every human is a seed from the divine. That seed got here from Heaven above the firmament (Empyreus) and descends via seven planetary spheres, first Saturn, then Jupiter, Mars, the Solar, Venus, Mercury, and the Moon earlier than it reaches the earthly airplane and is planted inside the bodily physique. The affect that divine seed took on because it handed via the seven planetary spheres is what formulates Future or Destiny
  • That which is our inherent divinity can be the foundation supply of our tendencies towards evil

To Ascelpius [Corpus]

  • Commentary on the celestial spheres and cosmogony that distinguishes the bodily world and metaphysical world
  • Affect of the 4 fastened stars
  • Humanity’s pursuit of its personal Larger Good

The Sacred Sermon

  • Revisiting the creation of the universe and the character of the human situation
  • Seven planetary rulers drive life, dying, regeneration, and rebirth

The Cup or Monad

  • Airtight students persistently cite this textual content as an unimaginable abstract and overview of each Airtight philosophy and Gnostic doctrine
  • Commentary on the division between divine Thoughts and impure Physique
  • Speculated connections to the Holy Grail

That No One in all Present Issues Doth Perish

  • The impression of natal astrology, i.e., the seeds or energetic influences of the seven planetary rulers embedded into our spirit because the fragment of interior divinity descended from Heaven, via the celestial spheres, to earth to develop into a part of us upon beginning
  • Cyclical nature of astrology and international occasions – historical past is destined to repeat itself in cycles

The Key

  • Information and reminiscence in relation to life, afterlife, and rebirth
  • Epistemological information vs. private gnosis

Thoughts unto Hermes

  • In regards to the nature of God
  • To Preserve Silence (To Preserve Silence) is the truest path to knowledge
  • Forces which can be immutable and incorruptible in Heaven are mutable and corruptible on Earth– that’s the double nature of many forces
  • Continued dialogue of data and private gnosis

Secret Sermon on the Mountain

  • Capstone of all the Corpus Hermeticum
  • Conveys essentially the most essential parts of Airtight philosophy
  • Contains the textual content for a ritual prayer to recite at dawn and sundown every day (“The Secret Hymnody”)

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