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The Teachings Are Not It

This sitting, being with ourselves, and questioning who we’re is the guts of Zen follow. Lecturers can information us, however we have now to sit down there with ourselves, we have now to sit down and surprise. I say with ourselves, however who’s it that we’re sitting with? As soon as you employ this sort of language abruptly there’s a couple of individual. I’m sitting with myself. Who’s “myself” and who’s “I”?

So basically the guts of this Zen follow is the query: What? Who? That’s a query that all the time comes up in Zen: what’s reality? Is it my thought? Is it my opinion? Is it what I imagine? It’s truly not my job to let you know what reality is. It’s a must to discover it. You expertise it. The books, the talks, the teachings, are useful, however they’re not it. Every one among us finds it.

By Zen Grasp Bon Soeng


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