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Utilizing the Stomach Mind – The Tao Weblog

Utilizing the Stomach Mind

Taoist lecturers discuss the advantages of utilizing the stomach mind over utilizing the higher mind. I’ve talked about earlier than that there are extra nerve cells within the ‘intestine mind’ than there are within the higher mind.’ John’s Hopkins Medication states that the enteric nervous system is “two skinny layers of greater than 100 million nerve cells lining the gastrointestinal tract from esophagus to rectum.”  We will prepare our decrease mind to deal with every-day process and use the higher mind much less. The good thing about utilizing the stomach mind is that it really works extra effectively for on a regular basis duties.

The mind’s important capabilities are directing involuntary actions, reminiscent of heartbeat, respiration, and digestion. These brain-related duties work along side the organs that perform the capabilities. The mind additionally controls “higher-order,” acutely aware actions, reminiscent of thought, reasoning, and abstraction. Sadly, a lot of the power expended by the higher mind is coping with absence of thought, lack of reasoning, and misinterpreting abstraction. This occurs via fear-mongering, anger, fear, and fantasizing adverse dystopias.

As one turns into extra current within the physique, the mind obsesses much less within the adverse methods. This frees up numerous power for cell restore, recharging, creativity or different higher-order capabilities. Utilizing the stomach mind over the higher mind, to me, means being conscious within the physique to calm and quiet the runaway prepare of unproductive pondering. The decrease mind and intelligence of the important organs can perform respiratory, heartbeat, digestion, gland capabilities, and so forth. and the higher mind can deal with the higher-order capabilities.

Photograph: Grasp Wang, Wudang Dragongate Grasp

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