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Vitamin: Feeding Puppies – Historical Greece Reloaded

Puppies require completely different ranges of vitamins than do older canines.


Puppyhood is a time of fast progress and improvement. Puppies require completely different ranges of vitamins than do older canines. Due to their particular dietary wants, your pet ought to solely obtain pet meals for the primary 12 months (big breeds, a number of months longer). Many pet food producers supply a particular formulation for puppies and typically, giant breed puppies, for whom the protein, calcium, and phosphorus ranges could also be extra important. 

 Feeding the primary few days 
For the primary few days you may have your new pet house, it’s a good suggestion to proceed feeding the identical sort and model of pet meals and use the identical feeding schedule the pet was on earlier than he got here to you. Then you may slowly begin utilizing the meals you may have chosen based mostly on data you obtained from the breeder and veterinarian. A pet must be switched to a brand new meals slowly to stop intestinal upset. By ‘slowly’ we imply over the course of 7-10 days go from feeding 100% of the earlier meals to 100% of the brand new meals. For instance, make a mix that accommodates 25% of the brand new meals and 75% of the previous meals and feed that for a number of days. Then make it 50-50 for a number of days, then 75% new meals to 25% previous meals for a number of days. Then you can begin feeding 100% new meals. If at any time your pet begins vomiting, or has free stools or seems constipated, sluggish the speed at which you might be switching him over. 

 Sort of meals 
There are three types of commercially produced canine meals: dry kibble, semi-moist (sealed packages), and moist (canned). Most trainers and veterinarians suggest dry kibble meals. We not often suggest canned or the semi-moist meals. Canned meals are sometimes increased in fats and are normally 80 to 83 p.c water. That makes them fairly costly when you squeeze out the highest 4/5 of the can. The semi-moist meals are about 55% water and use excessive salt or sugar ranges for preservation. Once more, you might be paying an excessive amount of for water and puppies don’t want the salt and sugar. Dry meals are solely 9 to 11 p.c water and are product of the identical high quality elements as the opposite varieties. They’re extra economical, simpler to make use of, and in our opinion, higher in your canine. 

With pet food, you just about get what you pay for. Economic system manufacturers are low cost and are product of the most affordable elements out there. As such, their vitality values are decrease, and most significantly they typically use poorer-grade proteins with decrease digestibility, which suggests a lot of the meals passes proper by way of their system and isn’t absorbed. Premium manufacturers, which embody these labeled as Tremendous Premium and Efficiency, use increased high quality elements from sources with increased organic values. As a result of higher high quality elements imply higher digestibility, your pet doesn’t must eat as a lot and fewer waste is produced (which suggests much less to select up within the yard). Common manufacturers, as you might guess, fall someplace in between. 

Keep in mind, the again of the pet food bag doesn’t inform your entire story, together with vital data like p.c digestibility – how a lot of the meals your pet’s physique will really use. Discuss to your veterinarian about the very best meals in your canine. 

 Desk scraps are a No-No 
The one factor we dislike greater than canned or pre-moistened meals for canines is Desk Scraps . We strongly suggest by no means beginning as a result of when you do, it by no means stops. Most nutritionists imagine that canines which can be on a very good high quality commercially ready dry meals are nutritionally higher off than their house owners are. This has been proven in lots of research. Desk scraps are normally increased in energy and definitely usually are not balanced. Neither are they fortified with the nutritional vitamins and minerals that canines require. Desk scraps may trigger diarrhea or different gastrointestinal issues. Desk scraps fill them up, however don’t present the vitamins their rapidly-growing our bodies want. Feeding them from the desk teaches them the dangerous behavior of begging and should make housetraining harder for you. 

 Feeding schedule 
The pet’s feeding schedule shall be considerably dictated by your personal private schedule. We don’t need to go away meals out for the pet in order that he can eat it at any time when he needs. You have to be there for the feedings since you need the pet and his whole physique on a set schedule. That is greatest achieved by feeding the pup what he’ll eat at particular instances on a selected schedule. Puppies underneath six months of age ought to be fed thrice every day; after 6 months they could be fed twice every day. 

By feeding on a set schedule, the canine will then go to the toilet on a extra set schedule and make housetraining simpler and quicker. 

Make it a behavior to provide the pet some quiet time after the meal. Don’t let the youngsters romp and play with him for the primary hour to an hour and a half after consuming. This could result in some abdomen upsets that may typically be very severe. The pet will in all probability must go to the toilet, nevertheless. 

 Quantity to feed 
The quantity of meals given with every meal ought to by no means be dictated by what’s on the again of the pet meals bag. That may be a good place to start out, however from our expertise, many puppies want lower than what’s on the bag, and some may have extra. Modify the quantity fed to keep up your pet at an optimum weight. Your veterinarian may help you identify the correct quantity to feed to maintain your pet at optimum situation. Keep in mind to have water out there with or instantly following the meal. 

One of many frequent complaints that veterinarians hear from canine house owners, particularly these with animals lower than 18 months of age, is that they by no means eat sufficient. The house owners really feel the canine shouldn’t be placing on weight or rising as quick as they assume she ought to. They’re tempted to by some means encourage their animals to eat extra. Don’t do it. The expansion charges and appetites of younger animals on a very good high quality meals are primarily dictated by their genetics. Don’t attempt to make your canine develop quicker than she ought to or into one thing she shouldn’t be. This can solely trigger issues. Artificially accelerated progress results in bone and joint issues. Feed them the quantities they need and let their our bodies dictate their wants. 

Treats ought to by no means account for greater than 10% of your pet’s caloric consumption (which isn’t a lot in Toy breeds). Your pet’s meals is his sole supply for the diet he wants, so don’t ‘refill’ your pet on treats earlier than time for dinner. 

Arduous chew treats preserve your pet entertained and should enhance dental well being by exercising the gums and scraping the enamel. It additionally satisfies your teething pup’s must chew. 

Treats can be utilized throughout coaching to reward good conduct, however watch out to not overdo it. 

Puppies could appear to drink giant portions of water. They want water and can’t be disadvantaged of it. A canine or cat can lose nearly all of his physique fats and half of his protein mass (muscle) and nonetheless survive. Nevertheless, if this identical animal loses 15% of his physique water, he’ll die. Water is crucial nutrient of all. 

For canines of any age that eat dry meals, water shall be wanted to rehydrate it of their stomachs for digestion. Puppies additionally want extra water per pound than adults do as a result of they’re rising. Progress comes by way of very energetic metabolism on the mobile stage. These processes produce many wastes and by-products which can be excreted into the blood. It requires loads of water to hold these substances to and be flushed by way of the kidneys. It’s okay to schedule when your pet drinks, however each day you should permit her to eat what she needs and desires. 

Offering recent, clear water is vital. Infectious brokers and ailments comparable to leptospirosis, Giardia, E. coli, and Cryptosporidium may be transmitted by way of contaminated water sources. Offering recent, clear water enormously reduces the chance of illness and due to this fact retains your pet pleased and wholesome. 

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