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An Interview with Steven Machat

Regardless of the developments in know-how, knowledge and data, there are some questions which proceed to perplex mankind simply as they’ve carried out for hundreds of years. What’s the that means of life? What occurs once we die? How did we get right here? Who’s actually in management? It’s exactly these questions that prompted ‘Renaissance man’ Steven Machat to embark on an epic lifelong quest spanning 5 a long time to seek out out the reality, the outcomes of that are documented of their entirety for the primary time ever in his newest mind-blowing ebook, ‘We’ve received to get out of this place’.

What’s We’ve Obtained To Get Out Of This Place about?

This ebook is concerning the Matrix we reside in and are certain to. The Matrix is the vitality and gravity that makes what we name our Universe with the Solar and the planets and their moons orbits. Planets go clockwise and the solar goes counter clockwise. These objects generate the bodily vitality that hold the Matrix in Orbit, and helps hold your consciousness certain till your ideas, which I name consciousness, with no bodily physique, are able to ascend. 

I’ve written ten books, however this one is the third and last instalment of my ‘Ebook of Earth’ collection. For these unfamiliar with this collection, I’ll briefly summarise.

 Ebook One: Colonization of Earth and the Making of Mankind is the place I unravel the Bible. It took me my complete life to unwind these tales which aren’t broadly believed in widespread tradition; however when fearful all of us return to that bipolar God or gods.  

Ebook Two: Taking Jesus Off the Cross explains the creation of artificial Gods, our religions, our kingdoms and our twin governments. I focus on Atlantis by to  the Creation of the Russian Empire, then the Muslim Empire. I additionally discover the way in which by which the picture of God has been twisted, and a God of affection has turn out to be a God of management. 

In Ebook Three: We’ve Obtained to Get Out Of This Place, I attempt to clarify: 

1) who we’re

2) why we’re right here on earth 

3) your alternative of what’s subsequent after this earth life

I share all my beliefs and learnings from my travels right here within the lifetime of being Steven Machat. 

I dissect the core beliefs of the Jeudo Christian Islamic Abraham Bible to indicate all of the similarities of the organized imperial religions, and the way imperial governments hold us locked on this mindset. 

I share methods to ascend out of this Matrix, influenced by my research of Egyptian mysticism. I share the ideas of Thoth. The one from Atlantean time not the one who was from the Nefilim. I intermingle this with what I discovered from what we name the Native People and tribal Africans producing music from their sacred ceremonies and chants. 

I share why Ascendance is so exhausting, and the way it’s essential to study to let go. 

 I give and share a fast overview of Metaphysical energies. I clarify how we’re all from the identical supreme being. We’re simply ideas that tackle gravity. When we’ve got ideas of desires and wishes that we can’t let go and discover a matrix to lock us down till we ascend on our journey again to the Supreme Being. 

2.  Are you able to inform us somewhat bit about your private {and professional} background and the way that contributed to you penning this ebook?

My early profession was within the leisure business. By my leisure lawyer father, Marty Machat, I’ve met a few of the greatest names within the business; Frank Sinatra, James Brown, Elvis, Sam Cooke, The Rolling Stones, Clyde Otis and Sugar Ray Robinson to call however a couple of. 

Becoming a member of my father to create Machat & Machat, I went on to work with the likes of Genesis, Phil Collins, Phil Spector, Peter Gabriel, Leonard Cohen and the Electrical Gentle Orchestra.  His administration firm represented Colonel Abrams, Tender Cell, John Waite, Bobby Brown and New Version.


After being recognized with Kind 1 Diabetes, I used to be pressured to evaluate my rock n’ roll way of life, and was fast to understand this fabricated world was not serving me properly.  My imaginative and prescient modified, and I spotted that life is to not accumulate more cash or be the boss of everybody else, however about studying methods to share and to reside in a society the place all of us work and reside collectively.

I’ve combined my private quest to reply my 5 haunting questions of which I set forth to find the solutions, or at the least different factors of views, with my skilled lifetime of dwelling and creating-promoting-discovering the humanities and the sciences of mankind in the present day, in addition to yesterday, for a greater tomorrow. 

I’ve travelled the world and discovered methods to reside a life searching for the solutions as to: 

1) Who’re we people?

2) Is there a distinction between me and also you?

3) Why are we right here on this physique kind? 

4) The place did we come from? 

 5) The place can we go from right here?

Q3. Your ebook talks about what occurs after we die, what did a few of your analysis level to? And, how would you reply to skeptics who do not need perception within the afterlife?

My analysis was all the time geared to show my speculation. The speculation being we aren’t our physique. Our physique is our Earth car that enables us to expertise life in bodily kind on Earth. 

We’re a consciousness from the Supreme Being of every little thing and extra. We received caught within the gravitational pull of this Universe that homes planet Earth. Actually the Earth Matrix. 

On Earth on this physique we turn out to be animals. We should survive in a matrix the place everybody has to kill and eat different dwelling beings to outlive. Even crops have a consciousness and so they too as a group of their organic ecosystem determined who survives. 

For us to not perceive that crops and all beings are from the supreme being of all then it means we don’t perceive life in any respect. We’re then pure animals with solely the necessity to eat and excrete and sleep and reproduce with intercourse not reproduce with everlasting love. We lose our consciousness that we’re simply guests to the planet that’s nothing however a Jurassic Park. 

Skeptics who don’t consider in an afterlife are usually not but on the degree to know this. They see themselves as animals. They see themselves as dwelling in a bodily jungle which created a society that enables homicide for sport not simply to bodily survive. 

Nonetheless, it’s their life, and so they can do what they need. In my life I’m now a referee, who sits and rings the bell on this Matrix ring of life in order that once we do take a breath we will see our behaviour. 

And I need to say those that say they consider in a sky god who offers them permission to kill others due to their faith or race in addition to creed and coloration don’t consider within the supreme being. They consider in a really darkish power. 

Q 4- Primarily based in your private experiences and analysis, what do you consider is the that means in life…And, how would you reply to persons are both too involved with worldly issues comparable to accumulating cash and energy or on the opposite finish of the spectrum people who find themselves too involved with non secular issues and neglect their fundamental human wants?

The that means of a private life is subjective, though we would like it to be goal and due to this fact the identical of everybody. 

The Goal that means for everybody is to return to the ocean of consciousness. The house of the Supreme Being of every little thing and extra. We as a consciousness referred to as mankind are only a considered this Supreme Being that needed to expertise private bodily life. Every of us is only a private thought like a drop of water from the lake referred to as mankind from the ocean referred to as the Supreme Being. The ocean of ideas and every little thing else. 

In order people we’ve got our personal paths to carve out to find our manner out of this Matrix we name Earth.  We should quit our particular person desires and wishes which is EGO and return to the oneness of the Supreme Being.  EGO is the place we Edge God Out and create our personal path. 

To those that pursue cash and/or energy as their life power I say good luck. It’s in the long run empty and devoid of everlasting love. It’s really a rape of your everlasting essence the place you turn out to be a vampire and take all you may after which resolve who will get what of what you’ve got so long as they kiss your ring or wash your toes. 

My ebook Gods Gangsters and Honor shares my experiences making individuals consider that sure people are gods as a result of at a exact second in time increased vitality received them a crew to make you consider these few in search of energy or glory in the long run the place the chosen few to rule over you. This lie comes at a value. 

The sport of life is to share. Not personal or management. 

To those that search the non secular life I solely recommend that they proceed their path of discovering who they are surely. They aren’t a physique however an everlasting vitality that I name consciousness. Spirituality seekers are those that are able to turn out to be conscious that life within the everlasting by no means ends and is nothing however a sport of taking your journey on this path. As the quilt of this ebook suggests, to get on the trail to get out of this Matrix of Earth the place we should kill different misplaced beings to outlive and worship these darkish energies we name god, mistaking that darkish vitality for being the everlasting Supreme Being. 

These darkish thought energies I need to share are additionally a consciousness that we give kind to and are additionally searching for their manner house. On this journey it’s essential to survive and due to this fact should study the give and takes of this darkish vitality planet we name Earth. We’re right here to find the everlasting bliss of no EGO. No needs or wants. Simply the everlasting bliss of LOVE. 

I too am navigating this path. We’re additionally simply troopers searching for everlasting love. I’m honored that at this stage I can share my consciousness with whoever is interested in my vitality. 

Q5. Are you able to discuss somewhat bit about your ideas on reincarnation and the way that may contribute to extra that means?

Reincarnation is what occurs to those that can’t let go of their EGO which some name Karma. That is totally found in Act 17 of this ebook. Life on this bodily kind is a sport the place in some unspecified time in the future you throw in your greed or management playing cards and reside your life as one in all many. You share the breath of affection. You don’t horde. 

There are phases of reincarnation (Act 15) in addition to phases of ascension. (Act 16) Every stage helps you turn out to be lighter and shed your physicality in addition to thought pores and skin, so that you ascend and fly away as a caterpillar turns into a butterfly. Or you may stay on this Matrix as a moth. 

Query 6. Have you ever skilled any serendipity or synchronicity in your life? In that case, how and what occurred.

My complete life has been full of serendipity in addition to synchronicity dwelling experiences. I’m that I’ve the power to experience out of all my peaks and valleys of dwelling life on this bodily kind. By songs and dances as the trail to cultures all around the world I’ve turn out to be conscious of life. 

I’ll share the most recent story of serendipity and synchronization in my life. I provides you with a “single” brief model of Debbie-my spouse and I. 

We met in 1964. In Junior Excessive. Simply as a fellow classmate. Nothing extra. We graduated in 1970. By no means thought of her actually once more. We every had our ups and downs. Debbie had a baby named Jesse who had muscular dystrophy. Jesse was born on 8/24/1980. He died 1/28/2003. I had a boy named Barron. Baron was born on 6/25/1987. Barron died in a rock n roll way of life accident on 4/08/2015. 

I posted an image of Barron and I on Fb on the morning of April ninth, telling the individuals who seen the information feed as they name in of their metaphysical company enterprise that Barron had left the Earth and was now hovering round our planet. 

Debbie noticed the submit and after by no means actually saying a boo to me nor I to her despatched me a personal message saying she learn the submit. Debbie mentioned that if I wanted somebody to speak with, to let her know. She misplaced Jesse and so knew how exhausting it’s to take care of that kind of loss.  

I thanked Debbie and advised her we might be in contact. Debbie and I met and the remainder is our mutual historical past. 

Q7. Have you ever had any non secular or mystical experiences? In that case, what are some non secular and/or mystical experiences

Sure. Many. Too many to say.. 

However a very powerful was my three day discuss with God in Miami. The story is in my ebook Sacred Information. A Rock N Rollers Information To Greater Consciousness. 

What occurred is I used to be lastly in a position to see clearly. All of the obstacles of concern left me.. I found the Supreme Being. And I observe that stream. And but I nonetheless reside by music  movie in addition to my books. I discovered the steadiness to reside in physique as I attempted to remain within the increased consciousness.

I discovered like to final this lifetime and extra with Debbie. I nonetheless use Kundalini to open my passages. And I thank the spirit Yogananda for stepping into my consciousness and exhibiting me methods to petition the Supreme Being. 

Query 7. How can we discover out extra about you?

The perfect place to go is my web site, This consists of particulars of all of my ten books, my report label, SSK and the Sacred College of Information, which I based. 


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