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Living the Compassionate Life — The Dalai Lama – Lion’s Roar

This instructing by the Dalai Lama explains how the Buddhist teachings of mindfulness and compassion lead inevitably to emotions of self-confidence and kindness.

Dalai Lama wearing red robes holding the head of a young child. There are people in the background and the child is smiling.

Photo by Alison Wright.

As human beings all of us have the potential to be glad and compassionate folks, and we even have the potential to be depressing and dangerous to others. The potential for all these items is current inside every of us.

If we need to be glad, then the essential factor is to attempt to promote the constructive and helpful facets in every of us and to attempt to cut back the adverse. Doing adverse issues, comparable to stealing and mendacity, could often appear to carry some short-term satisfaction, however in the long run they are going to all the time carry us distress. Positive acts all the time carry us interior power. With interior power we now have much less worry and extra self-confidence, and it turns into a lot simpler to increase our sense of caring to others with none boundaries, whether or not non secular, cultural, or in any other case. It is thus crucial to acknowledge our potential for each good and dangerous, after which to watch and analyze it rigorously.

This is what I name the promotion of human worth. My foremost concern is all the time methods to promote an understanding of deeper human worth. This deeper human worth is compassion, a way of caring, and dedication. No matter what your faith, and whether or not you’re a believer or a nonbeliever, with out them you can’t be glad.

We want compassion and human affection not solely to outlive; they’re the final sources of success in life.

Kindness and a great coronary heart kind the underlying basis for our success on this life, our progress on the non secular path, and our success of our final aspiration: the attainment of full enlightenment. Hence, compassion and a great coronary heart aren’t solely essential at the starting but in addition in the center and at the finish. Their necessity and worth aren’t restricted to any particular time, place, society or tradition.

Thus, we’d like compassion and human affection not solely to outlive; they’re the final sources of success in life. Selfish methods of considering not solely hurt others, they forestall the very happiness we ourselves need. The time has come to suppose extra correctly, hasn’t it? This is my perception.

Developing Compassion

Before we are able to generate compassion and love, you will need to have a transparent understanding of what we perceive compassion and like to be. In easy phrases, compassion and love will be outlined as constructive ideas and emotions that give rise to such important issues in life as hope, braveness, dedication and interior power. In the Buddhist custom, compassion and love are seen as two facets of similar factor: compassion is the want for an additional being to be free from struggling; love is wanting them to have happiness.

The subsequent matter to be understood is whether or not it’s potential to boost compassion and love. In different phrases, is there a way by which these qualities of thoughts will be elevated, and anger, hatred, and jealousy diminished? My reply to that is an emphatic, “Yes!” Even if you don’t agree with me proper now, let your self be open to the risk of such improvement. Let us perform some experiments collectively; maybe we could then discover some solutions.

For a begin, it’s potential to divide each sort of happiness and struggling into two foremost classes: psychological and bodily. Of the two, it’s the thoughts that exerts the biggest affect on most of us. Unless we’re both gravely sick or disadvantaged of fundamental requirements, our bodily situation performs a secondary function in life. If the physique is content material, we nearly ignore it. The thoughts, nonetheless, registers each occasion, regardless of how small. Hence we must always dedicate our most critical efforts to bringing about psychological peace moderately than bodily consolation.

The Mind Can Be Changed

From my very own restricted expertise, I’m satisfied that by means of fixed coaching we are able to certainly develop our minds. Our constructive attitudes, ideas, and outlook will be enhanced, and their adverse counterparts will be diminished. Even a single second of consciousness depends upon so many elements, and once we change these numerous elements, the thoughts additionally adjustments. This is a straightforward fact about the nature of thoughts.

By feeling compassion for others, our personal struggling turns into manageable.

The factor that we name “mind” is kind of peculiar. Sometimes it is extremely cussed and really resistant to vary. With steady effort, nonetheless, and with conviction primarily based on cause, our minds are generally fairly sincere and versatile. When we actually acknowledge that there’s some want to vary, then our minds can change. Wishing and praying alone is not going to rework your thoughts; you additionally want cause—cause finally grounded in your personal expertise. And you received’t have the ability to rework your thoughts in a single day; previous habits, particularly psychological ones, resist fast options. But with effort over time and conviction grounded in cause, you may positively obtain profound adjustments in your psychological attitudes.

As a foundation for change, we have to acknowledge that so long as we reside on this world we are going to encounter issues, issues that hinder the success of our objectives. If, when these occur, we lose hope and change into discouraged, we diminish our skill to face these difficulties. If, on the different hand, we do not forget that not simply we however everybody has to bear struggling, this extra life like perspective will enhance our dedication and our capability to beat troubles. By remembering the struggling of others, by feeling compassion for others, our personal struggling turns into manageable. Indeed, with this perspective, every new impediment will be seen as one more worthwhile alternative to enhance our thoughts, one other alternative for deepening our compassion! With every new expertise, we are able to try steadily to change into extra compassionate; that’s, we are able to develop each real sympathy for others’ struggling and the will to assist take away their ache. As a outcome, our personal serenity and interior power will enhance.

How to Develop Compassion

Self-centeredness inhibits our love for others, and we’re all troubled by it to 1 diploma or one other. For true happiness to come back about, we’d like a peaceful thoughts, and such peace of thoughts is caused solely by a compassionate perspective. How can we develop this perspective? Obviously, it’s not sufficient for us merely to consider that compassion is essential and to consider how good it’s! We must make a concerted effort to develop it; we should use all the occasions of our each day life to remodel our ideas and habits.

First of all, we should be clear about what we imply by compassion. Many types of compassionate feeling are blended with need and attachment. For occasion, the love dad and mom really feel for his or her little one is commonly strongly related to their very own emotional wants, so it’s not totally compassionate. Usually once we are involved a couple of shut pal, we name this compassion, however it too is often attachment. Even in marriage, the love between husband and spouse—significantly at the starting, when every companion nonetheless could not know the different’s deeper character very properly—relies upon extra on attachment than real love. Marriages that final solely a short while accomplish that as a result of they lack compassion; they’re produced by emotional attachment primarily based on projection and expectation, and as quickly as the projections change, the attachment disappears. Our need will be so robust that the particular person to whom we’re hooked up seems to be flawless, when in truth she or he has many faults. In addition, attachment makes us exaggerate small, constructive qualities. When this occurs, it signifies that our love is motivated extra by private want than by real care for an additional.

Compassion with out attachment is feasible. Therefore, we have to make clear the distinctions between compassion and attachment. True compassion isn’t just an emotional response however a agency dedication based on cause. Because of this agency basis, a very compassionate perspective towards others doesn’t change even when they behave negatively. Genuine compassion is predicated not on our personal projections and expectations, however moderately on the wants of the different: regardless of whether or not one other particular person is an in depth pal or an enemy, so long as that particular person needs for peace and happiness and desires to beat struggling, then on that foundation we develop real concern for his or her downside. This is real compassion. For a Buddhist practitioner, the purpose is to develop this real compassion, this real want for the well-being of one other, in truth for each dwelling being all through the universe. Of course, growing this sort of compassion is under no circumstances simple! Let us think about this level extra carefully.

Whether persons are stunning or plain, pleasant or merciless, finally they’re human beings, identical to oneself. Like oneself, they need happiness and are not looking for struggling. Furthermore, their proper to beat struggling and to be glad is the same as one’s personal. Now, while you acknowledge that every one beings are equal in each their need for happiness and their proper to acquire it, you routinely really feel empathy and closeness for them. Through accustoming your thoughts to this sense of common altruism, you develop a sense of accountability for others; you want to assist them actively overcome their issues. This want just isn’t selective; it applies equally to all beings. As lengthy as they expertise pleasure and ache simply as you do, there isn’t any logical foundation to discriminate between them or to change your concern for them in the event that they behave negatively.

One level I ought to make right here is that some folks, particularly those that see themselves as very life like and sensible, are generally too life like and obsessive about practicality. They might imagine, “The idea of wishing for the happiness of all beings, of wanting what is best for every single one, is unrealistic and too idealistic. Such an unrealistic idea cannot contribute in any way to transforming the mind or to attaining some kind of mental discipline because it is completely unachievable.”

We all share an an identical want for love, and on the foundation of this commonality, it’s potential to really feel that anyone we meet, in no matter circumstances, is a brother or sister.

A simpler method, they could suppose, could be to start with an in depth circle of individuals with whom one has direct interplay. Later one can increase and enhance the parameters of that circle. They really feel there may be merely no level in excited about all beings, since there may be an infinite variety of them. They could conceivably have the ability to really feel some sort of reference to some fellow human beings on this planet, however they really feel that the infinite variety of beings all through the universe don’t have anything to do with their very own expertise as people. They could ask, “What point is there in trying to cultivate the mind that tries to include within its sphere every living being?”

In different contexts, which may be a sound objection. What is essential right here, nonetheless, is to know the affect of cultivating such altruistic sentiments. The level is to attempt to develop the scope of our empathy in such a means that we are able to prolong it to any type of life with the capability to really feel ache and expertise happiness. It is a matter of recognizing dwelling organisms as sentient, and due to this fact topic to ache and able to happiness.

Such a common sentiment of compassion may be very highly effective, and there’s no want to have the ability to establish, in particular phrases, with each single dwelling being to ensure that it to be efficient. In this regard it’s just like recognizing the common nature of impermanence: once we domesticate the recognition that every one issues and occasions are impermanent, we don’t want to think about individually each single factor that exists in the universe to be able to be satisfied of it. That just isn’t how the thoughts works. It is essential to understand this level.

Given persistence and time, it’s inside our energy to develop this sort of common compassion. Of course our self-centeredness, our distinctive attachment to the feeling of a strong “I,” works essentially to inhibit our compassion. Indeed, true compassion will be skilled solely when this sort of self-grasping is eradicated. But this doesn’t imply that we can not begin to domesticate compassion and start to make progress straight away.

Since compassion and a great coronary heart are developed by means of fixed and aware effort, it can be crucial for us first to establish the favorable situations that give rise to our personal qualities of kindness, after which to establish the hostile circumstances that hinder our cultivation of those constructive states of thoughts. It is due to this fact essential for us to steer a lifetime of fixed mindfulness and psychological alertness. Our mastery of mindfulness ought to be such that each time a brand new scenario arises, we’re in a position to acknowledge instantly whether or not the circumstances are favorable or hostile to the improvement of compassion and a great coronary heart. By pursuing the follow of compassion in such a fashion, we are going to steadily have the ability to alleviate the results of the obstructive forces and improve the situations that favor the improvement of compassion and a great coronary heart.

Global Compassion

I consider that at each stage of society—familial, nationwide and worldwide—the key to a happier and extra profitable world is the development of compassion. We don’t must change into non secular, nor do we have to consider in a selected ideology. All that’s needed is for every of us to develop our good human qualities. I consider that the cultivation of particular person happiness can contribute in a profound and efficient technique to the total enchancment of the total human neighborhood.

We all share an an identical want for love, and on the foundation of this commonality, it’s potential to really feel that anyone we meet, in no matter circumstances, is a brother or sister. No matter how new the face or how totally different the costume or habits, there isn’t any vital division between us and different folks. It is silly to dwell on exterior variations as a result of our fundamental natures are the similar.

The advantages of transcending such superficial variations change into clear once we take a look at our international scenario. Ultimately, humanity is one and this small planet is our solely dwelling. If we’re to guard this dwelling of ours, every of us must expertise a vivid sense of common altruism and compassion. It is barely this sense that may take away the self-centered motives that trigger folks to deceive and misuse each other. If you will have a honest and open coronary heart, you naturally really feel self-worth and confidence, and there’s no have to be frightened of others.

The want for an environment of openness and cooperation at the international stage is turning into extra pressing. In this contemporary age, relating to coping with financial conditions there are now not familial and even nationwide boundaries. From nation to nation and continent to continent, the world is inextricably interconnected. Each nation relies upon closely on the others. In order for a rustic to develop its personal financial system, it’s pressured to take significantly into consideration the financial situations of different international locations as properly. In reality, financial enchancment in different international locations finally ends in financial enchancment in a single’s personal nation.

Compassion, loving-kindness, altruism, and a way of brotherhood and sisterhood are the keys not solely to human improvement, however to planetary survival.

In view of those info about our trendy world, we’d like a complete revolution in our considering and our habits. It is turning into clearer on daily basis {that a} viable financial system should be primarily based on a real sense of common accountability. In different phrases, what we’d like is a real dedication to the rules of common brotherhood and sisterhood. This a lot is evident, isn’t it? This isn’t just a holy, ethical or non secular superb. Rather, it’s the actuality of our modem human existence.

If you mirror deeply sufficient, it turns into apparent that we’d like extra compassion and altruism in every single place. This vital level will be appreciated by observing the present state of affairs in the world, whether or not in the fields of recent economics and well being care, or in political and army conditions. In addition to the multitude of social and political crises, the world can also be dealing with an ever-increasing cycle of pure calamities. Year after 12 months, we now have witnessed a radical shifting of world climatic patterns that has led to grave penalties: extreme rain in some international locations that has introduced critical flooding, a scarcity of precipitation in different international locations that has resulted in devastating droughts. Fortunately, concern for ecology and the surroundings is quickly rising in every single place. We are actually starting to understand that the query of environmental safety is finally a query of our very survival on this planet. As human beings, we should additionally respect our fellow members of the human household: our neighbors, our associates, and so forth. Compassion, loving-kindness, altruism, and a way of brotherhood and sisterhood are the keys not solely to human improvement, however to planetary survival.

The success or failure of humanity in the future relies upon primarily upon the will and dedication of the current technology. If we ourselves don’t make the most of our schools of will and intelligence, there isn’t any one else who can assure our future and that of the subsequent technology. This is an incontrovertible fact. We can not place the total blame on politicians or these people who find themselves seen as straight accountable for numerous conditions; we too should bear some accountability personally. It is barely when the particular person accepts private accountability that she or he begins to take some initiative. Just shouting and complaining just isn’t ok. A real change should first come from inside the particular person, then she or he can try and make vital contributions to humanity. Altruism just isn’t merely a spiritual superb; it’s an indispensable requirement for humanity at giant.


Adapted from The Compassionate Life, by the Dalai Lama. © 2001 Tenzin Gyatso, the Fourteenth Dalai Lama. Available from Wisdom Publications.


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