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Pre-Roman Settlement Excavated in Southern England

DORSET, ENGLAND—According to a press release launched by Bournemouth University, the stays of individuals positioned in crouched positions in oval-shaped pits have been uncovered at a settlement web site in southwestern England dated to about 100 B.C. Such storage pits had been often stuffed with grain in Iron Age Britain, whereas the lifeless had been cremated or positioned in rivers, defined archaeologist Miles Russell. Animal elements in the burials recommend the lifeless had been buried with joints of meat, whereas pottery in the burials is believed to have held drinks. The quantity of meat in the pits, Russell added, would have been sufficient to feed the settlement’s residents for weeks. Sometimes the animal elements had been combined—for instance, a cow’s head had been positioned on the physique of a sheep, he defined. Analysis of the graves may provide insights into the inhabitants’ perception methods, he mentioned. Samples of the human bones will probably be analyzed earlier than they’re returned to the bottom. To examine Dorset’s well-known Cerne Abbas Giant chalk determine, go to “Man of the Moment.”


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