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Simplicity Is The Key To Brilliance (Inspiration Vibration) | Awaken the Living Awareness Within – Success Life Quotes

About Author: Sambodhi Padmasamadhi

The writer and the creator (Sambodhi Padmasamadhi) of Infinite Quantum Zen Website is an Eternal Spiritual Being (Living Awareness) Experiencing Itself by way of the Fractal-like Consciousness of the similar․ Tools (Meditation‚ Mindfulness‚ Virtual Reality‚ Gaming‚ Coding‚ Writing‚ Digital Art)․ In different phrases: Flowing River of Consciousness that’s Aware of its existence․ Our Core Essence as Spirit or Spark of God flows by way of Life‚ Reality‚ Existence a lot in the similar means as water flows in a river․ i․e․‚ I AM each named and anonymous, singular and plural, everybody and nobody at the similar time; nobody particular, but particular in each sense of the phrase – an enigma wrapped in thriller. As is the writer, so is their work – a riddle to be solved.


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