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The Package Challenge from Your Dai Sifu

Hey disciples, I’m penning this weblog submit and lesson to let you recognize why you must get stuff from your Dai Sifu and never simply shopping for issues your self from the webstore and so on. There is one factor that you just can not purchase, and that’s the examination from the celestial courtroom.

It has been a few years that we’ve been seeing the identical sample again and again – individuals get the packages, then hurdles occur to only pop up and check their religion, possibly it’s evil assault, possibly it’s coronary heart satan, or possibly it’s simply their weak-spot that received poked they usually snapped or need to hand over. Then, it doesn’t matter what’s within the bundle, these disciples will magically disappear or “quit” on their very own. It’s humorous, as a result of the bundle will not be low cost too, however they’ll hand over due to some magical causes. 99.9% of the time, it’s all about their coronary heart devils, or being poked at their weak spot that they aren’t keen to vary for his or her religion. Well, too unhealthy, you failed the examination from the Tao, and there goes your consequence.

Your Dai Sifu don’t make any revenue from these packages, it’s quite a lot of work, power and time output, with so little coming in, it’s not even sufficient to cowl the packing price generally. However, the magical aspect is that she is doing all these for you since you re a disciple right here and he or she don’t do that for a standard “outsider” shopper. Everything purchased for you’re cleansed, empowered and in addition registered into the celestial courtroom as your “upgrades”. If you get them in hand, they’ll actually “level up” your magic energy and such instantly, when you handed the examination from the celestial courtroom. You need to EARN your improve too. For some individuals, it’s simple, as a result of their religion is robust and mindset is aligned. For some individuals, it’s arduous, as a result of they’ve weak spots that they haven’t handled, and their religion is MAYBE not sturdy sufficient, or they may very well be simply not aligned with the appropriate mindset but.

Some individuals can’t even handle to purchase the primary bundle from Dai Sifu, as a result of they can not save up sufficient or they aren’t keen to spend. You see, your Dai Sifu doesn’t need to ship you a $5 merchandise with the delivery at $20, that’s purely losing time and being silly. Therefore, she is going to solely take orders which might be affordable, and order that’s value doing. If you need to order incense, don’t get one however 4 or 5. You will burn up the incense over time anyway, they don’t get expired like meals. You will need to purchase fu paper, however possibly additionally extra ink, after which plus the stamp and statue and so on. I’ve seen disciple making an attempt to request for just some issues, whole about $10-20 and the delivery is already double of that quantity as a result of it’s oversea delivery. When you’re about to place a bundle collectively, one of the simplest ways to do it’s to ask on LINE – inform me what you need to get and what ELSE is sweet to get together with the bundle, possibly give a price range vary so we are able to plan for you.

So, are you prepared to your problem from the celestial courtroom? From expertise, we are able to see that the Tao doesn’t simply give out the ability simply to anybody, you bought to earn it by displaying your religion energy too. What is religion once more?  Faith, is to consider with out the necessity of any proof or supportive factors. You mainly blindly consider for no purpose however simply to consider. Every faith is like that, and when you can not do it, then you’ll fail in EVERY non secular path regardless of the place you go, it’s not simply Taoism right here. Don’t waste your time, as a result of weaklings with a weak coronary heart doesn’t deserves a spot within the non secular world.

Okay, good, now you may admit you’re a weakling – how you can STRENGTHEN up the religion then? If you’re already weak, do you simply hand over?  Of course not. Just like you are able to do some train to strengthen up the legs and arms, it’s also possible to do issues to strengthen up the religion too.

Faith is strengthened by being TOGETHER extra with the opposite occasion, with TIME, and INTERACTION. Just such as you need to think about your baby, then you can be with him on a regular basis. The extra you’re with somebody, and interacting with them, the extra you’ll consider them within the coronary heart. Therefore, BE together with your Tao and us right here extra, present up on LINE, discuss extra, PLAY with us, be a part of our interactions, present up on ZOOM lessons, and even be a part of our TAO-gaming group, when you’ve gotten MANY issues that you’re DOING with us, you’ll really feel like you’re along with the group, and religion will probably be strengthen very quickly. Many disciples went via hurdles and coronary heart devils, they all the time assume so unfavourable and such on the again. After awhile, we received on zoom and began speaking in actual time, then in seconds, the disciple felt fully completely different and the religion is again once more. That’s proper, unfavourable and coronary heart devils solely cook dinner up when you’re AWAY from the Tao.  When you’re head to head with me, these coronary heart devils will dissolve away. Therefore, all the time search for methods to work together and discuss to me, and be a part of the chat with the massive group and so on. Never attempt to be silly and ISOLATE your self, as a result of that’s ONLY going to guide you to nothing however quitting very quickly, because you determined to DETACH from the TAO.  The extra you PUSH your self away from the Tao, the extra possible you can be gone quickly.

I’ve one other necessary level right here – some disciples have this coronary heart satan when they’re going through the problem, they’ll assume that they’re doing not good now, so possibly they don’t match being on this place, possibly they’ll simply “go back down” to be a beginner or one thing decrease so that they don’t look so unhealthy as an “upper” or “senior”. You know what, that’s name “escaping from your responsibility”, and is just the act of weaklings. Imagine you’re already a father/mom, and then you definitely screwed up while you attempt to change your kids’s diaper, then you definitely stated you’ll simply ditch the child and return being a baby of your mother or father as an alternative. Can you even do this?  These disciples who selected to be a weakling, they could certainly “go back down” to the beginner stage, however ultimately, they are going to be vanished and fade out, then ultimately hand over all the pieces. The reality is, they’re pushing themselves AWAY from the Tao, you’re going the wrong way of the best way you need to be going, in fact you’ll find yourself failing. In the 10 commandments, there’s already this rule of “take responsibility of your actions”, it’s not put there only for enjoyable. If you begin breaking the ten commandments, you’ll ultimately be shedding your grip and falling off the tree too. It’s all there to make you notice what it takes to be a powerful and trustworthy Taoist.

Being a Taoist will not be simple, and the Tao do examination individuals to ensure they’re match to be a Taoist right here. If the disciple is just too weak, the problem is supposed to show them and make them stronger. Even you’re weak, religion will save your butt. If you lose religion, then BUILD religion as I’ve taught above. Whatever you’re going through, it’s important to stand again up and face actuality, face the issue, and never escape from it. Wish you all the most effective together with your subsequent bundle from your Dai Sifu!


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