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Time Does Not Exist in Heaven

In the Taoist’s Heaven, what we name Dai Law Tin, there’s one factor that you simply won’t perceive, and that’s they’ve the flexibility to beat the restriction of “time”. Imagine you might be enhancing a video, the video is in a “timeline” format in your graphical interface, and also you at the moment are just like the god, you may snap to any level in the video that you simply wish to see, and there goes the video enjoying. You can bounce to the ending and play the ending, or you may bounce again to the start too. However, the timeline will not be precisely like a video, however extra like a dynamic video that’s consistently altering due to each interplay and determination made in each block of the video timeline. Once one thing is modified on the 4mins time mark, all the things following after it is going to even have the associated adjustments as properly. You can say that the god can see all the things, but additionally can’t see all the things in absolute, as a result of there’s at all times a chance of change.

In the world of the gods, there are principally 2 sides of life, but additionally one that’s just like the” backend” mode which they’ll sort of “jump out of the normal life” and enter this no-time-zone and do no matter they want after which bounce again into the “time-flowing” life.

Here, human beings are used to solely working in this bodily world, and after we are drained, we have to sleep. When we’re sleeping, it’s like we’re being a ineffective piece of meat laying down, doing nothing, and our considering energy all stops.

For the gods, they don’t need to “sleep”. When they’re drained, they do go right into a “sleep”, however that’s just for them to enter the opposite facet of the world, which you’ll be able to name it to “spiritual world” or what we name the “D6”, dimension 6. It’s not a science time period, don’t have to go searching and analysis, it’s only a time period we use in the lineage. In this state, all the things remains to be like an actual world for them, it doesn’t really feel like unreal/dream-like. But the distinction is that the matter and properties of issues are very totally different in this world, it’s like a fantasy world to us.

Imagine you may consider a automobile after which make the automobile seem straight away, like making issues along with your creativeness. You don’t even have to journey by strolling, as a result of now you may fly and even simply “snap” and seem someplace distant. Distance will not be a restriction anymore, you’re feeling like a superhero, however this isn’t that enjoyable, as a result of everybody has the identical energy too, not simply you. People have their very own society, enterprise, associates and such in this world, and they’re linked with the bodily world facet as properly, identical to how our “internet world” is linked with our actuality world. When you might be drained in this world, you “sleep” and return to the fact facet, which we name D8, dimension 8.

It looks as if you may simply flip between D6 and D8 and by no means need to be “tired” for actual. However, each god can even go into their preheaven planetary physique for a “no-time-zone” journey. Once they enter this world or dimension, they’ll do something there, however after they come out of the zone the time is simply at after they “enter” that zone, it’s such as you simply froze the fact and enter that zone your self. Imagine your trainer mentioned you might be late for this mission, then you may go into this zone to complete it up and are available again to actuality and hand it in, looks as if you received’t ever be late for assignments anymore. When time doesn’t imply something a lot to you anymore due to these guidelines in the god’s world, everybody’s imaginative and prescient and mindset for all times is totally different. You received’t be so “time oriented” and even “rush” this and that or put “time” as a factor to measure worth and many others.

For the gods interacting with us right here, like after we are doing divination or asking for magic assist and many others., it is rather exhausting for us to know the way it works, as a result of we by no means know the way this timeless-zone works and the way they received their “answers” for us.

For instance, I requested the god by utilizing divination methodology “is this car good to purchase?” The god can use simply 0.000001 second of our actuality time and already see our future, come again with a solution, and gave us a solution in order that our divination device exhibits such and such end result. It seems like some sci-fi film, however that’s how briskly it’s for the gods to “sneak peek” the long run for us with a “potential prediction” or “forecast”, as a result of they don’t see issues like we do, they bounce and snap to a degree in time with the likelihood, and may come again in a snap and such. It’s like human are fish and we don’t perceive how human can stroll outdoors of water, and we by no means think about they’ll even fly in the sky with all these loopy invention-like jets and planes or rockets. It’s out of our creativeness.

It’s humorous to consider God is like operating a “cheat mode” of the life-game right here. If I requested the gods to assist me shield the home in opposition to thieves, after which the god noticed a nasty man coming in 2 days, they may have executed issues to the man already and make them change their thoughts or affect them to vary their thoughts earlier than they even received to your home. Imagine you’re the god, you may zoom in and out, pan and swipe, and see each angle of this world’s life like a recreation or a 360 transfer. It’s identical to that, so wonderful.

However, there are restrictions for the gods too. It’s like even you are able to do this and that, you can’t simply mess up the world along with your powers, there are restrictions.  For instance, gods can’t DIRECTLY inform us the message, and so that’s the reason gods at all times include hints, indicators, and indicators and many others. We need to study to learn their message by decoding after which going forwards and backwards to confirm and ensure is that the proper message. Sometimes the gods can’t immediately let you know what is correct too, so they may lead you to bang into all of the wrongs to determine the proper one your self. If gods need you to know which is the proper path, they may present you all of the improper ones!  If you have got belief and religion in the god, you wouldn’t doubt the god however respect that he has proven you the wrongs, SO THAT YOU CAN SEE THE RIGHT ONE!  Without the method, you’ll by no means get to the proper one!

Yet, many disciples are so weak hearted, and they’re going to doubt this and that simply or assume that God ought to simply shove them the ultimate reply straight away and skip all that course of. It’s true, we wished, however it could actually by no means occur, as a result of nature have its guidelines and gods additionally have to obey the principles too.

Now we learn about gods, they’ll go “timeless” mode, ghost s and spirits can’t. They are in the D6 property world, so they aren’t restricted by DISTANCE solely, however not time. A ghost can journey from Hong Kong to Africa and to Greek or to Mars in 2 seconds, however they can’t freeze time and go into that mode the gods use.  As lengthy because the ghost or spirit wish to go someplace, the intention will snap them thee straight away like a flash, it’s super-fast too, however time remains to be flowing like ordinary they usually haven’t any energy to look ahead or backward in time just like the gods does.

So how does spirits and gods “claim” to have the ability to inform the long run for individuals? Simple, you rip-off and create the long run you declare! The trick is to let you know one thing after which make it occur or pressure it to occur by manipulating the individuals and elements that’s associated to it. For instance, the ghost can let you know that you’ll have a automobile accident in 2 weeks, you then actually crashed in 2 weeks – as a result of the ghost made you crash the automobile proper on the date they claimed. Just like how scammer and con artist do issues, they make up a narrative for you after which make the story come true for you, then you’ll fall into it fully.

Evil gods, ghosts, and spirits are very scary, as a result of they’ll at all times manipulate individuals into these scams, and it’s VERY FREAKILY ACCURATE. They let you know ABC and you then see ABC. It’s as a result of they MADE it occur. While the gods can’t do this, and so individuals assume the gods usually are not as highly effective as a result of they can’t be so “accurate” and “precise”. Yet, they fail to even know that the gods are the great guys, simply that they CANNOT let you know the reality as a result of it IS the reality.

It may be very simple to be tempted by evil spirits like those that worship some child ghosts to win lottery or gamble and many others. It is sort of a brief minimize, or a fast solution to win over individuals in life. However, there’s a catch. When ghosts and evils aid you, they need one thing again in return, and that’s your soul vitality.  In their world, soul vitality is like “money”, the extra soul vitality they’ve the extra issues they’ll create in that world, and that’s how they’ll develop into extra highly effective and richer in that world.

There are individuals who will say “but I don’t feel anything after worshiping this ghost though” – proper, the ghost received’t suck you up, as a result of you’re the grasp and feeder, they may suck your spouse, your son, your folks and even your workers up. It’s identical to a scammer, they use you as a medium to draw extra sufferer, then rip-off these individuals and seize the loot.  You really feel tremendous, the others are doing worse and worse, and also you don’t hassle to even care, since you are “fine”. Praying to evil gods and such is rather like making a take care of the satan, you should hand over one thing, and they’re going to loot it themselves even you don’t give it to them. Once the evil is hooked onto you, there isn’t any solution to get out.

Did your little mind received fried in spite of everything these?  Maybe you’d wish to ordain to study extra about these enjoyable issues and even be capable to talk with the gods at your altar too. No joke, with years of expertise speaking to gods, and even having the ability to enter their worlds myself, it’s mind-blowing for 99.999% of the individuals in this world. It’s manner out of your creativeness.


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