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Energy Meridians?

Energy within the physique flows via vitality channels like rivers circulate down mountains to the ocean. When this vitality stagnates, it creates knots within the surrounding tissues, resulting in tangles, swellings, lumps, and much. Chi kung, tai chi, and Taoist yoga open the channels and permit vitality to circulate unimpeded via the physique. 

Once vitality flows simply via the physique; toxins have been cleared out, emotional tensions calm down, and blood is decongested in vessels and tissues. The objective is to free the vitality meridians of all their ‘gunk’ (gunk is hillbilly converse for toxins, blockages, trapped warmth/chilly, and feelings we will’t let go.) Once the meridians circulate freely, they are often stuffed with the pure, therapeutic vitality of nature. 

Full and free-flowing meridians are a predictable final result of a Taoist well being and non secular observe. I discussed rivers flowing to the ocean earlier on this publish. In Taoist medication and meditation, the realm at/close to/under the navel (360 levels) is known as the tan tien or “field of elixir.” To me it is sort of a nice ocean of therapeutic vitality that may be grown and cultivated. As this space fills, it spills out into the meridians. As the meridians are cleared, vitality flows from the tan tien to the meridians, nourishing organs, pores and skin, muscle mass, tendons, and so forth. creating radiant well being and vitality and growing the likelihood for an extended life. Learn extra: The Alchemist’s Tao Te Ching: Transforming Your Lead Into Gold 


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