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The 84 Problems In Life

jason quinn jdpsn


Jul 14, 2022

During the Buddha’s time, there was a farmer who had many issues. He instructed the Buddha all about how tough his life was. The climate by no means cooperated with what he wished. It was too moist or too dry, so his crops usually failed. His spouse was very crucial of him, and his kids did not present any gratitude for something that he did for them. Also, his neighbors have been all the time gossiping about him.  

The farmer was anticipating the Buddha to have an answer for his issues. But the Buddha stated he couldn’t assist him. The Buddha instructed the farmer, “All human beings have 83 issues, and that’s simply the reality of this life. While chances are you’ll clear up a number of issues, a number of others will take their place.” Upon listening to this, the farmer requested, “Then what’s the good of all of your educating?” The Buddha replied, “My educating cannot enable you with the 83 issues, however maybe it may assist with the 84th.” “What’s that?” the farmer requested. “The 84th drawback,” the Buddha stated, “is that you do not need to have any issues.” 

When I first began working towards Zen, I hoped Zen may clear up all of my issues. I noticed later that we are going to all the time have difficulties in our lives. The factor we do have management over is how we relate to these occurrences. Do we shut down and fall into despair, worry, or anger? Or can we depend on our innate readability and power so we will clearly see the reality on this second and reply? Rather than taking a look at difficulties in life as “problems”, we will see them for what they’re so we will reply to them accordingly.  

Jason Quinn JDPSN
From the e-book, No-Nonsense Zen For Beginners


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