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Hanuman Vashikaran and Graha Dosh Nashak Mantras

In this put up, I’ve written about two very helpful Hanuman Mantras for eradicating all planetary defects within the horoscope and for changing into a really enchanting individual and attracting everybody or somebody particular.

These are small Hanuman Mantras, which pack great energy and have the capability of triggering off probably the most highly effective vibrations and vitality. The methodology of chanting these Hanuman mantras is easy and uncomplicated and therefore, any individual can chant them with none issue.

Hanuaman Vashikaran Beej Mantra

Hanuman Mantra to Remove All Planetary Defects: This Hanuman Graha Dosh Nashak Mantra has the aptitude of giving aid from All sorts of Astrological Problems on the time, together with Shani Sade Sati, Mangal Dosh, Kaal Sarp Dosh, and Rahu-Ketu Dosh.

Hence, this easy Hanuman Mantra may be very useful in resolving on the similar time a number of Jyotish Shastra Dosha and issues arising from planetary transits and Antar Dasha and Maha Dasha of Paap or Malefic Planets within the Kundalini.

ॐ सर्व दुष्ट ग्रह निवारणाय स्वाहा ||
Om Sarva Dusht Graha Nivaranaaya Swaha ||

How to chant the Hanuman Mantra:
The practitioner can chant the Mantra 21, 51, or 108 instances after lighting Dhoop / Agarbatti and an Oil Lamp in entrance of a Photo or Murti of Hanuman. The Mantra Chanting may be continued till the astrological defects have been efficiently rectified.

Hanuman Beej Mantra for Increasing Attraction Powers: This Hanuman Mantra provides glorious leads to rising the practitioner’s inherent Vashaikaran or Akarshan Shakti, which allows the practitioner to draw all individuals on the similar time or some particular desired man or lady.

This Hanuman Vashikaran Beej Mantra, which has been described in genuine texts of Mantra Vidya makes the practitioner fascinating and irresistible to all individuals who robotically come below his sturdy spell of attraction. It additionally allows the practitioner to draw all individuals from distant or sitting at house.

ॐ ह्रां ह्रीं ह्रैं हनुमते नमः ||
Om Hraam Hreem Hraim Hanumate Namah ||

How to chant the Hanuman Vashikaran Mantra: The practitioner ought to chant the Vashikaran Mantra verbally for five to 10 minutes every day. The Hanuman Beej Mantra will also be chanted for a hard and fast variety of days, like 40, 60 or extra days by taking a Sankalp to take action.  The outcomes can be seen inside a number of days as a result of the Mantra attracts immense Vashikaran Shakti.

However, the Vashikaran Mantra ought to by no means be chanted for nefarious intentions as a result of Hanuman Mantras are at all times Sativik and don’t assist evil intentions and actions

Notes: The Hindi video of this Shri Hanuman Mantra may be seen on our YouTube Channel Prophet666: Vashikaran Shakti Tivra Karne Ka Hanuman Mantra

All sorts of Mantra and Information associated to Hanuman may be discovered within the part Hanuman Mantras and Prayers.


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