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There are many sorts of lively meditations, the place we wish to acknowledge part of the physique or obtain a sure psychological state. Another kind of meditation is the observing variety, which we might name contemplation. An instance of this could be to easily watch your breath. Lay down, discover your physique and fill it with consciousness. Not in an lively method; however simply discover each a part of your physique in a receptive method. Watch your physique in a method {that a} lake displays geese flying overhead. By advantage of that noticing, your physique fills with consciousness. 

Another instance of observing meditation is to look at your ideas come and go. An analogy for this meditation is to consider trains going by a station. We don’t have to leap on each prepare that goes by the station. We can simply watch them go by. We don’t have to guage them, or identify them, or seize onto them, or do something with them. We can watch them like clouds within the sky. Use a quiet, impartial, nearly amused, and curious gaze. This approach is simply observing and getting current along with your ideas and your physique.

The Alchemist’s Tao Te Ching: Transforming Your Lead Into Gold


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