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1.2-Million-Year Old Obsidian Axes Found in Ethiopia

ROME, ITALY—According to a Vice report, some 575 hand axes fabricated from obsidian have been found on the web site of Melka Kunture, which is situated in Ethiopia’s Awash River Valley, by a workforce of researchers led by Margherita Mussi of the Sapienza University of Rome. The instruments have been dated to 1.2 million years in the past, pushing again using obsidian instruments by 500,000 years. Hominins are thought to have collected cobbles of volcanic glass from the Awash River to make the instruments, Mussi defined. Analysis of the gathering of axes additionally means that the hominins crafted standardized instruments in a devoted workshop space, indicating deliberate exercise, she concluded. To examine 9,000-year-old obsidian instruments discovered in Lake Huron, go to “Around the World: Michigan.”


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