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Mythical Submerged City Of Ys – Europe’s Own Sodom And Gomorrah

Ellen Lloyd – – There are a number of accounts of the legend in regards to the legendary and extremely spectacular submerged metropolis of Ys. When studying about this mysterious place, one instantly thinks of Atlantis, Sodom, and Gomorrah.

According to historic tales, the town of Ys was considered one of Europe’s most lovely locations. It was constructed within the 4th century AD by Gradlon Mawr (Gradlon the Great), king of Cornouaille in Southern Brittany, France.

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Most variations of the legend place the town in Douarnenez Bay. Because it was constructed beneath sea stage, Ys was protected by nice sea partitions. There was a locked gate to the port, and Gradlon alone would determine when it must be opened or closed for the fishermen.

As the legend tells, in his youth, when he was a pagan, Gradlon fell deeply in love with a phenomenal half-girl/half-fairy. Unfortunately, nevertheless, he later offended this mysterious creature by changing to Christianity and in search of the counsel of St. Gwenole.

The fairy fled from Gradlon throughout a torrential river, warning him to not observe. The courageous Breton, nevertheless, plunged headlong into the swirling waters after her.

Legend tells the princess, Dehut turned a mermaid.

The fairy was compelled to avoid wasting his life however spurned him nonetheless and hated him all of the extra for making her admit that she nonetheless cherished him.

From their union got here a daughter, Dahut, who Gradlon claimed and raised. Princess Dahut was deeply hooked up to the traditional Celtic gods, and she or he accused Corentin, the bishop of Quimper, of getting made the city a tragic and boring place.

She dreamed of a metropolis the place solely riches, freedom, and the enjoyment of residing would reign.

She gave a dragon to the townspeople, which captured all of the service provider ships at sea. Thus did Ys change into the wealthiest and strongest metropolis in Brittany.

Mythical Submerged City Of Ys - Europe's Own Sodom And Gomorrah

According to legend princess, Dahut turned a mermaid. Credit: Public Domain

However, because the story goes, princess Dahut was a depraved girl. She organized orgies and was habitually killing her lovers when morning broke. Saint Winwaloe decried the corruption of Ys and warned of God’s wrath and punishment however was ignored by Dahut and the inhabitants. One day, a knight wearing pink got here to Ys. Dahut requested him to return together with her, and one evening, he agreed.

A storm broke out in the midst of the evening, and the waves may very well be heard smashing towards the gate and the bronze partitions. Dahut stated to the knight: “Let the storm rage.

Mythical Submerged City Of Ys - Europe's Own Sodom And GomorrahKing Gradlon escaped on his magical horse. Credit: Public Domain

The metropolis’s gates are sturdy, and King Gradlon, my father, owns the one key hooked up to his neck.”
The knight replied: “Your father, the king sleeps. You can now simply take his key.” Dahut stole the important thing from her father and gave it to the knight, who was none apart from the satan. In one other model of the story, the satan, a wine-besotted Dahut herself, opened the gate. Because the gate was open throughout the storm and at excessive tide, a wave as excessive as a mountain collapsed on Ys.

King Gradlon and his daughter climbed on Morvarc’h, his magical horse. Saint Winwaloe approached them and instructed Gradlon: “Push again the demon sitting behind you!” Gradlon initially refused, however he lastly gave in and pushed his daughter into the ocean.

The sea swallowed Dahut, who turned a mermaid or morgen, a water spirit doomed to swim the lonely seas for eternity Gradlon took refuge in Quimper, which turned his new capital.

The destiny of the town of Ys resembles the story of Sodom and Gomorrah, talked about within the Book of Genesis and all through the Hebrew Bible, the New Testament, and in deuterocanonical sources, in addition to within the Qur’an. Like Sodom and Gomorrah, the town of Ys and its inhabitants had been punished for his or her wickedness and buried underwater like Atlantis.

Did the town ever exist, or will the place ceaselessly keep within the realm of mythology? Perhaps someday, the ruins of some of the unbelievable and most lovely historic cities of Europe can be found beneath the waves within the bay of Douarnenez. It is alleged that Ys was solely flooded.

To this very day, when it’s calm, the fishermen of Douarnenez usually hear the bells ringing beneath the ocean.

They say that someday Ys can be reborn finer than ever.

It is a standard saying that Paris – “par Ys” – known as after this legendary submerged metropolis.

Written by – Ellen Lloyd –

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