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FU HEAD Taoist Magic Secret

We have launched many eBooks for our disciples to be taught the completely different FU HEADs in our lineage, however just a few would have the guts to be taught all of them as a result of they’ve but to see the worth of those treasures. I’ll shed gentle for you and present you the best way on this article, revealing the “secret” of FU HEAD to allow you to see the worth and urgency of studying all of them.

FU HEAD(s) 符頭 (FU Tau) are just like the signature of the god(s), and so they include three parts: the bodily drawing, the spell that goes with it, and what the fu head is related to. For instance, there’s a FU HEAD for Saam Law Jo Si and a FU HEAD for the god of wealth and many others.  They all have a spell that goes with it, identical to the password requires a double authentication course of!

Let’s do an instance to allow you to perceive the aim of FU HEAD.

Now let’s say the god you need to speak to is “Saam Law Jo Si,” and also you need him to provide blessings to some issues for good luck. How are you able to inform Saam Law Jo Si that are the gadgets to be blessed? Draw his FU HEAD over the gadgets; now he is aware of which one to work on!

You are at work, and this individual stored backstabbing you, and also you need Saam Law Jo Si to kick his butt. How can Saam Law Jo Si know which is individual to kick? You received it; FU HEAD over the man by distance!

While strolling dwelling and also you felt one thing unusual, or perhaps some dangerous guys tagged you on the again, how are you going to name Saam Law Jo Si as much as overwatch the scenario? Draw the FU HEAD within the air, and he might be there instantly.

You see how Saam Law Jo Si FU HEAD work now, however there are such a lot of different FU HEAD(s) as a result of each god has their FU HEAD! You can connect with the completely different gods and channel down their powers by utilizing their FU HEAD(s) that will help you with various things. The extra you recognize in regards to the gods, the extra you’ll know when to make use of which god for one of the best end result. As a common rule, go for Saam Law Jo Si FU HEAD when you don’t know that a lot as a beginner.

We talked in regards to the spells being finished when you draw the FU HEAD. The spell calls the god, whereas the FU HEAD is sort of a marking for them to see the place to focus their consideration. If you draw the FU HEAD, the god has not but related with you, so you might be like drawing the fu head with nobody watching you; no god will reply to the FU HEAD. You want the spell to name the god, identical to giving them a name by cellphone.

Surprise for you right here – you don’t want a coronary heart spell to carry out the facility and many others. The FU HEAD and its spell alone is sufficient!  If you employ the guts spell first, you solely must do the FU HEAD alone, and the spell just isn’t wanted for the reason that coronary heart spell can connect with the god too. Yet, if you wish to play protected, you may all the time do the guts spell, fu head and the spell for the fu head collectively. FU HEADs are meant for use rapidly and instantly, identical to you might be strolling and instantly sense the menace coming at you, then you may scribble the FU HEAD within the air, say the spell, and stomp the appropriate foot 1x (or 3x when you want it to take motion immediately).

What when you forgot the FU HEAD since you are nervous or panicking? No fear, scribble one thing as a substitute. This scribble substitute will work you probably have beforehand practiced and realized the FU HEAD. Remember to follow extra in your regular days; even when you scribble one thing to switch the FU HEAD in an emergency, it can nonetheless work simply in addition to the gorgeous model you used to attract.

Many disciples have this misunderstanding that they suppose all they should do is to hope to god, like telling god what they need assistance with or what they want to occur. Then that’s it!  Oh, mine, how do you count on god to know the way that will help you?  The FU HEAD lets the god know the place you want the assistance to be deployed, which is a crucial step. It’s such as you ask somebody that will help you, then you’ll want to be exact and provides them directions about when and the right way to provide the assist; they can not simply make up one thing for you.

Let’s say you prayed to Saam Law Jo Si about your job interview tomorrow, and also you stated, “Saam Law Jo Si, dai jee Tin-X is here to pray to you for help. I have a job interview tomorrow; can you please help me to do well and get the job…!” Sounds regular, proper?  Yes, it’s regular, and in addition a standard manner your prayer doesn’t assist since you solely instructed god a message, and there are not any particulars or methods for the facility to be deployed.

Rewind a bit to hope to Saam Law Jo Si; you’ll maintain the “Heart Incense Handsign” on the coronary heart degree, after which say your coronary heart spell (HS0) within the coronary heart, stomp the left foot 1x. Then, pull the handsign to your brow and speak with eyes closed (speak inside). Stomp the left foot 1x and bow 1x after you might be finished speaking. The handsign is easy, clamp the palms collectively, then bend down the index finger whereas the thumb press over the skin fringe of the thumb.

 heart incense

Do the identical prayer at dwelling, and Saam Law Jo Si will hear your phrases. Good job, however add these:

  1. Grab the clothes you intend to put on tomorrow, iron them properly after which draw Saam Law Jo Si FU HEAD over them, and now you bought them empowered for a “better impression” tomorrow!
  2. Grab your resume and FU HEAD over it, so the man who takes it can really feel you’re the finest candidate immediately.
  3. When you might be about to enter the interview, scribble a FU HEAD into your left palm and clap the palm as soon as to “stamp” the fu head over to the appropriate palm. When you shake fingers, Saam Law Jo Si will provide help to ZAP the individual and make them such as you and need to rent you at this time!

There are so some ways to deploy the magical powers of Saam Law Jo Si to empower you for the interview; it’s as much as you to find and create your methods to make use of the magic. Now you may see how necessary the FU HEAD is!  If you don’t use the FU HEAD, you miss 90% of the magic assist!

After you come dwelling, you may thank Saam Law Jo Si instantly. You can put together a snack or one thing that may be eaten like you might be treating somebody with some bagel or espresso. Oh sure, espresso is okay too. Anything edible is okay! Put it on the desk, then pray once more to speak to Saam Law Jo Si and say thanks, plus “here are some XYZ for you….” Then after the prayer is claimed, you’ll draw the FU HEAD over the issues you might be giving Saam Law Jo Si. One FU HEAD over the bunch of issues is okay; no want to jot down it a number of instances. After that, you may depart the meals there for a short while for the god. Set a timer, like 10mins or so. After that, you may take down the meals and eat it your self (after the god is completed consuming). The gods will typically put their blessings within the meals for you after they’ve consumed your coronary heart from it. Therefore, this may even profit you and replenish your magic energy. You don’t want an altar to do that; it may be finished wherever too!

You will need to ask the Celestial Medic Deity for assist if you find yourself sick. Then it’s best to be taught the FU HEAD! Do the prayer to inform this god about your drawback and ask for assist. Then FU HEAD the medication and stuff you need assistance with. This will permit the Celestial Medic Deity put his energy into issues and provide help to get better sooner!

When locking your doorways at night time, you may need to draw the Five Thunders Sin Si FU HEAD over the door so as to add additional energy to withstand and block off evils! Remember to make use of the spell for the FU HEAD in order that this god can know you referred to as him! Since you don’t even want a coronary heart spell to make use of the FU HEAD, it’s a one-second scribble, tremendous quick and simple@

FU HEAD is so helpful; it may be an FU-of-anything! Check out our obtain web page for all of the FU HEAD books, and get began on studying them at this time! Still, must be ordained?  Do so at this time, and you’ll make the yr’s most suitable option!


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