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Miraculous Yakshini Mantra for Appeasing Lakshmi

In this submit, I’ve written a few very highly effective and potent Mantra Experiment to appease Goddess Lakshmi for a acquire of immense wealth and prosperity. This Mantra is devoted to Swarnavati Yakshini, who is usually additionally known as a Yogini, Apsara, or a Form of Goddess Lakshmi.

Swarnavati Yakshini is likely one of the Yakshinis described within the 36 major Yakshinis and has been attributed with the ability to bestow the boon of possessing the supernatural energy of turning invisible  to superior practitioners, I had described these Mantra Sadhanas in some earlier articles.

There are multiple variations of the identical Mantra Sadhana to achieve wealth and riches, the variety of Malas to be chanted differs and a few variations use coconuts or Siyar Singhi or another object which must be energized and stored within the residence of the chanter.

The model described on this submit entails solely the chanting of the Swarnavati Yakshini Invoking Mantra, which must be chanted constantly on every of those three days of the Mantra Sadhana that additionally has the ability to bless the practitioner with an surprising or sudden windfall, hidden and secret treasures and acquire from unknown sources.

The process given beneath needs to be adopted to observe this Mantra Sadhana:

1] This three days Mantra Sadhana needs to be commenced on any Wednesday falling within the Shukla Paksha or the Bright Fortnight of the Hindu Panchang and continued for the following two days, Thursday and Friday.

2] The Mantra Sadhana needs to be began on all three days at 12 o’clock within the night time after having a shower and carrying yellow coloured garments.

3] The practitioner ought to sit going through the north course on a yellow coloured sitting mat in entrance of a Photograph of Lakshmi Mata and apply a Tilak of Kumkum on the {photograph} and light-weight Dhoop / Agarbatti and an Oil / Ghee Lamp.

4] Then, he ought to chant the Swarnavati Mantra given beneath for 31 Malas or 3348 Mantra Chants utilizing a Spathik of Crystal Beads Counting Rosary to rely the variety of Mantra Chants. The Mantra Jaap must be completed constantly as talked about earlier.

Yakshini Mantra for Rishes

|| Om Hreem Hreem Hreem Swarnavati Mam Gruhe Aagachchh Aagachchh Hreem Hreem Hreem Om Namah ||

5] If the practitioner succeeds is invoking the Svarnavati Yakshini, he’s blessed with limitless wealth and treasures of all types. 

Note: Mantras and Prayers devoted to Lakshmi Mata and Mantras for invoking Yakshinis, Apsaras, and Yoginis could be seen within the Sections: Lakshmi Mantras and Mantras to Invoke Yaksinins and different Invisible Beings.


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