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Grounded in Reality 

At the core of Taoist philosophy is experiencing stability and concord with oneself, the experiences of life, different folks/beings, and nature. Taoists concentrate on a holistic strategy to well being, which incorporates meditation, motion workouts, a correct food regimen, a peaceable way of life, and a nourishing atmosphere. 

For Taoists, a seated meditation follow is complimented by lively practices in martial arts, the research of vitamin, herbology, and therapeutic. Chi kung workouts fill the physique with power and animation. These chi kung workouts present the ability supply for a non secular expertise and journey, in addition to powering the actions of on a regular basis life. 

Finally, and that is vital, Taoism isn’t about escaping from the world. It’s simple for the novice to see a non secular path as retreating from society. For Taoists, nonetheless, the non secular path is a path that goes inside your self. This means to go inside your self wherever you’re; as a painter, a banker, a army officer, a trainer, or a mother or father. If we prematurely search to flee the world with out doing introspective work to see how we strategy the challenges of on a regular basis life, we’ll play out our ego dramas in our non secular follow. 

Facing life squarely and studying to navigate dwelling in society is a cornerstone of a wholesome non secular follow. A worthwhile final result of a robust non secular path is the results of serving to others and making ‘the world’ a greater place. 

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