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How Does Energy Move? – The Tao Blog

How Does Energy Move?

We all have vitality shifting by way of our our bodies. It carries out the numerous unconscious features on daily basis. As we begin to turn into away of vitality shifting, notably within the acupuncture channels, we could really feel various things. 

Some folks really feel heat, tingling, goosebumps, itching, effervescent, buzzing, twitching, pulsating, and even as a style within the mouth or sound within the ears. Some folks would possibly really feel it in a straight line, just like the microcosmic orbit, some could really feel it level by level, some might even see colours round folks or within the surroundings, or clots related to components of their physique. 

Where we focus our vitality, it strikes to that time within the physique. If we focus loving vitality in and across the coronary heart, it travels there and surrounds the guts. The vitality of Kindness within the liver, braveness within the lungs, belief within the spleen, and stillness within the kidneys collect in the identical method. 

Taoists say ‘where the mind goes, the chi flows.’ Biofeedback machines present that vitality goes the place one concentrates. The stronger the main focus, the extra vitality travels there. Please keep in mind we’re not forcing the vitality, we’re more-so guiding or inviting to stream to a selected place. A delicate method will assist one be extra balanced. 


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