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Egyptian Obelisks Unplugged: The Lost Chord Divine

The magic of historic Egypt, with its megalithic monuments and the mysteries they symbolize, nonetheless mesmerizes tens of millions of individuals 2,500 years after its decline as an historic cradle of civilization. Egyptologists right now reckon that roughly 70 p.c of the stays of this historic tradition are nonetheless buried beneath the sands of time and the Sahara desert. Today iconic architectural and engineering representations of historic Egypt are the Great Pyramid; the guardian of the Giza Plateau, the Sphinx; the temples and the  obelisks.

Even after centuries of archaeological exploration and analysis many questions stay concerning their relationship, building, function and potential undiscovered chambers together with unexamined recognized chambers and voids within the Great Pyramid, the Sphinx and the temples.  Obelisks, then again, have been comparatively uncared for, which is sort of exceptional because the engineering and structure behind the design of those obelisks is a feat that, in some ways, is as extraordinary because the Great Pyramid.

The Great Sphinx or Hu (Image: Courtesy Donald B Carroll)

The Great Sphinx or Hu (Image: Courtesy Donald B Carroll)

Engineering the Sphinx and Great Pyramid

The Sphinx is taken into account to be a monolithic monument carved from the Giza Plateau bedrock  in situ  and repaired over millennia with limestone blocks.  ‘The Sphinx’, the Greek identify of this monument just isn’t its unique identify, neither is ‘Hor-em-akhet’ (Horus within the horizon), a reputation given to it by Thutmose IV in the course of the New Kingdom Dynasty when it was honored as a photo voltaic deity.  According to the Old Kingdom  Pyramid Texts  its identify was “ Hu” (transliteration: ḥw) the deification or the personification of the primary phrase, the phrase of creation, probably representing the creator itself.

The Great Pyramid, transliterated as  Mer within the hieroglyphs, each in engineering and architectural design is taken into account probably the most superior of all of the pyramids.  Originally it was 481 ft (146.6 meters) in peak and 756 ft (230.4 meters) to every of its 4 sides, and coated with polished white Tura limestone.  There is lower than a two-inch distinction to the size of every of its sides, it’s aligned to the 4 cardinal factors and to today, even with its 13 acres footprint, is lower than an inch of being completely degree.  It is estimated that it consists of roughly 2,300,000 blocks with a median weight of two and a-half tons, with the most important blocks weighing as much as 80 tons.  Modern engineers debate whether or not it may very well be recreated to its degree of sophistication right now, even with all of contemporary expertise accessible. 


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Donald B. Carroll  a former Fire & Rescue district chief, pursues the that means of life via prolonged research into scientific, religious, and philosophical supplies. He is an everyday speaker and author on metaphysical matters, historic tradition symbolism, and a tour chief to lots of the historic websites. He is the creator of  Sacred Geometry and Spiritual Symbolism: The Blueprint for Creation  and The Spirit of Light Cubit: The Measure of Humanity and Spirit

Top Image Photoshopped picture of what twin obelisks on the entrance to the Luxor Temple would have seemed like. (Image  © Donald B Carroll)

By: Donald B Carroll


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