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Vikings May Have Traveled With Horses and Dogs

DERBYSHIRE, ENGLAND—An evaluation of ninth-century animal bones present in burial mounds on the web site of Heath Wood in England’s East Midlands means that Vikings carried horses, canines, and maybe pigs with them throughout the North Sea to Britain, in response to a BBC News report. Tessi Lōffelmann of Durham University and Vrije Universiteit Brussels mentioned that evaluation of the degrees of strontium isotopes within the bones confirmed that the animals had been raised in Scandinavia, whereas the invention of cremated animal and human stays combined collectively may point out that Vikings handled their animals as companions. “I find it really touching and it suggests we underestimate just how important animals were to Vikings,” Lōffelmann mentioned. Read the unique scholarly article about this analysis in PLOS ONE. To learn concerning the Vikings’ arrival in northern England, go to “The Viking Great Army.”


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