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The M1911/1911A1 Served as America’s Military Sidearm From 1911 to 1984

On July 18, 1966, Staff Sgt. John McGinty led the understrength 1st Platoon of Okay Company, third Battalion, 4th Marine Regiment in opposition to a regimental-sized North Vietnamese Army (NVA) pressure supported by mortar fireplace. The NVA hoped to overrun third Battalion’s Landing Zone Crow to cease the battalion’s withdrawal following Phase I of Operation Hastings.

It shortly grew to become a chaotic, close-range combat. McGinty directed air strikes to inside 50m of his place and known as in last defensive artillery fireplace. He and 20 of his 32 Marines have been wounded and his corpsman killed within the combating. The enemy lastly withdrew that night. McGinty and his firm commander, Capt. Robert J. Modrzejewski, obtained the Medal of Honor for his or her actions that day. Although air and artillery energy turned the tide of battle, McGinty’s sidearm, the M1911A1, had delivered important punching energy throughout key moments within the onerous combat.

Based on John Browning’s short-recoil operated, .38-caliber, self-loading (i.e. automated) pistol of 1900, the M1911 gained its designation from the yr the U.S. Army adopted it. Intended for close-range engagements in dense terrain, the Army ordered the caliber elevated to .45 as a result of the .38 spherical lacked the facility to cease the assaults of Moro tribesmen throughout the Philippine-American War. It had a 7-round journal within the grip. Many positioned an eighth spherical within the firing chamber. Grip and guide safeties, sear disconnect, slide cease, and half-cock options have been added in 1924 and this mannequin was formally designated the M1911A1 in 1926.

Approximately 7,028,690 have been produced to date, together with the RIA M15 General Officer’s sidearms (1972-1981). There have been just one,004 GO mannequin M15s ever produced. The M15 was a shortened model of the M1911A1. These weren’t newly produced however have been all cut-down from rigorously chosen authentic M1911A1s, many from the National Match model. The M1911A1’s punching energy is unchallenged, however its recoil necessitates coaching to fireplace precisely.

By 1969, nearly all of M1911A1s have been affected by a long time of heavy use. Congress ordered the Pentagon to select a brand new commonplace army pistol. The Army chosen the 9mm Beretta 92S1 in 1984. The M1911/1911A1 served as America’s fundamental army sidearm from 1911 to 1984. It stays so within the armed forces of over 40 nations right now. More importantly, U.S. Special Operations Forces proceed to use specialised variations of the honored .45 to this present day.


Designation: M1911A1
Weight (loaded): 1.36kg/3lbs
Length (total): 219mm/8.5”
Caliber: 0.45 ACP (Automatic Colt Pistol)
Barrel Length: 128mm/5.03”
Max. Rate of Fire: 25 rpm
Ammunition: 230 grain
Muzzle Velocity: 252mps/825fps
Effective Range: 25m/27.5yds
Max. Range: 150m/165yds

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