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How Can Magic Help in Emergency

After the “Water Outage Wisdom,” half 2 shall be about what Taoist magic can do to assist. What can magic energy do on your scenario if you’re having a blackout, a water outage, or no matter unhealthy instances? This is essential to know and be taught in case of something. I do know it seems like individuals again in the outdated days who acquired a flood, and all they do is worship the god and pray to the god for assist; it doesn’t work to resolve the issue, and you want to have some individuals do bodily work to get issues fastened. However, that is what we predict as fashionable individuals dwelling in 2023, or was we mistaken? Be open-minded since you are about to be taught one thing new that may change your perspective for a lifetime.

Let’s use the water outage incident for instance. You can learn the article if you wish to, however the lengthy story brief is that our constructing acquired an emergency final evening; town pipe broke, and our constructing is out of the water, with a shock flood in the parking zone. Due to what occurred, we have now no water or elevator service. We are ready for town to ship their individuals to restore and save us. No one can go down to purchase water, too, except you need to stroll the steps and journey again up with triple the burden in your again. We have about 25 flooring right here with all of the items caught in this case on a Monday morning; how irritating and horrifying.

We all know that magic can’t immediately work on the pipe and restore it. Only cartoons or fairy tales would present you issues that ridiculous. Swing the wand and increase; one thing is exploded; no manner.

However, Let’s lay out the image and understand how our case can be resolved. Our case can be resolved when town’s technician is right here to restore the pipe, and the constructing would return to regular.

However, the individuals who do the job may be affected, which may change the consequence. They can door a poor job or a superb job, they’ll drag and procrastinate or work laborious to rescue, they are often clueless and nervous or going into mind fog mode, or they are often clear-minded and alert, which ends up in good choices being made, they’ll work sooner or slower, they’ll really feel rushed or not rushed, they’ll take a number of hours or a number of days, nobody can drive them in the event that they insist on dragging a number of days, as a result of it’s only them who is aware of what’s going on anyway.

As you’ll be able to see, the individuals who do the repairing are all human beings, and all human beings are powered by a soul inside them, which give them the power to be centered, assume, and act. See “Souls and Spirits.” Magic energy going to this case may assist have an effect on and empower their souls, pushing for a greater ending. They may have been extra centered, resulting in fewer errors, similar to forgetting a software in the automobile, dropping one thing throughout work, and even getting hit by a wrench as a result of somebody was careless. They may have higher pondering energy to troubleshoot and never freak out. They may have higher bodily motion, which ends up in a greater consequence.

Let’s return a step, the constructing can also be going through a hurdle, and the individuals who work on the constructing have to resolve their drawback too. Dealing with the flood, the damaged pipe connection, fixing this and that, and turning the water again on on the finish. They have a lot stress too, which may result in them freaking out on one another, not working effectively, or making poor choices similar to going outdoors for a cup of espresso and napping for an hour earlier than coming again to “deal with it.” We may additionally have an effect on their souls, which can assist their crew do higher to deliver us one of the best consequence.

Let’s transfer again another step. What about my spouse in the home and me? Would that be good if we went by a day of the water outage feeling hopeless, unhealthy temper, arguing, and freaking out on one another? Or we may have higher concepts, keep harmonized, be completely happy, spend time doing issues that may maintain us optimistic, make good meals and water consumption choices, and do our half to make the most of our assets higher. Would that be nicer? Imagine going through a water outage day. Would you desire a day to be completely happy and time to fly by shortly? Or would you want a day of struggling and ache like time is dreadfully dripping away each second? Magic may additionally assist us have a a lot better expertise all through the incident.

When everybody in the lineage is giving assist, they’re all doing one thing to offer start to a “God,” ranging from a “spiritual embryo.” The god will keep at their location and maintain beaming energy down from the lineage’s energy supply, the celestial court docket. It’s like a satellite tv for pc beaming down from the sky.

This god they’ve created will keep at their location, and when it has gotten the ability from the above, it’ll beam the ability again as much as the ambiance degree, which is what we name “the Ground Zone,” as defined in the “moon” article. This will enable the ability to “rain” again onto the locations needing assist. The individuals concerned in this undertaking, together with town’s facet, the constructing’s facet, and even us in the condo, will immediately get the ability instantly. This energy in the “ground” zone is sort of a cloud, however think about many disciples are cooking up their god and sending it as much as the bottom zone, then there shall be many clouds gathering up in the identical space. This cloud will get larger and greater and turns into like an enormous useful resource pool that may function an influence supply for every thing and everybody concerned in the undertaking, giving them assist on the soul degree, the D6. Let’s not overlook that even the technician who got here wants his soul to work bodily. If his soul is just not doing effectively, he shall be grumpy, dreadful, and possibly get damage in repairing and many others.

Everyone doing magic for a similar trigger will cook dinner up their god at their location, and the ability shall be grouped in the identical location in D6 (the non secular realm), which the placement is round the place our cloud ranges us. This vitality in D6 impacts D8. This means the soul or non secular vitality impacts the bodily consequence of issues. Yes, bodily work is essential, similar to everyone knows. But the bodily work is completed by an individual, and the particular person runs on his soul energy!

Imagine I’ve to exit to purchase water or keep dwelling, or I ought to eat this primary or that first; it’s all my soul vitality doing the pondering and processing, not the physique that acts!  Some individuals have unhealthy vitality in their souls and would do “stupid things” in this case. Oh, the water is out; who cares? Let’s flush the bathroom first. Oh, the water is out? No drawback, let’s create extra soiled dishes. Why don’t you assume earlier than appearing? Well, too unhealthy the soul was not doing effectively.

Whenever anybody in the lineage faces a hurdle like this, we should always all ship assist their manner, similar to we’d to you when it occurs to you.  There are some ways to ship assist, however the easiest method is utilizing the Daily Rite you do each day. Do the identical factor to ship it towards this trigger. After you might be completed, bow 3x and let the god know it’s for this function; then, the magic will work in this path.

If you’ve gotten an altar, you might use the altar to do the ceremony, along with your magic instruments and such, burn some FU over for various functions similar to dissolving unhealthy vitality, exorcism, and many others. Oh, proper, who says the technician can’t carry plenty of evil and unhealthy energies? Your magic may have to scrub him up extra so he can do higher too. You don’t have to know the place and whom the magic will rain down on as a result of so long as you’ve gotten completed it, the magic stays in the “ground” above, then it’ll connect with no matter and whoever is concerned mechanically.

You can even fireplace the solar kuet / gim kuet to ship your gods towards the particular person’s altar, so their god at dwelling can have extra energy to assist them. Such as, in my case, you’ll be able to ship them towards my altar; then my god has extra “manpower” to offer me assist and steerage.

In an emergency, individuals generally have the bizarre mindset of stealing or breaking in as a result of it looks as if the weakest time for many properties. If you’ve gotten learn the “moon” article, you must also know in regards to the ghost issues hooked up to those stealing and robbing circumstances. Magic and the god’s energy might help you cut back the possibility of being robbed or individuals stealing from you as a result of they’ll take care of the non secular parts that brought about the individuals to “want” to steal.

We attempt to be optimistic through the unhealthy instances, wanting ahead to a superb consequence. However, many individuals with unhealthy virtues may have began cursing and swearing on the concerned individuals and beaming their unfavorable energies towards them. Do you see how others can be doing “magic” on the identical individuals you are attempting to assist too? It’s magic warfare, and if you would like the end result to be good and optimistic, your magic helps the individuals concerned to win the battle over the evil facet, together with all these unhealthy individuals doing the unfavorable issues on the again. If you maintain again and simply wait, being impartial, you might be selecting to be a free goal to be shot mid-way. As we at all times say, should you don’t select, then individuals select for you. There is not any impartial; you’ll be able to solely be optimistic or unfavorable. We need to be optimistic, killing all of the evil ones who attempt to break issues!

One-time assist is sweet, however extra is best. People going through hurdles for a number of days or extra would profit from each day empowerment, not simply one-time empowerment. For a stranger, our outsider, we may give them a fast one-time magic; for disciples who need assistance, we may give extra assist and even each day empowerment. It will depend on the scenario and the way a lot you’re feeling like giving and doing. At the identical time, if you’re the one going through the issue, you must replace the people who find themselves doing magic and provides them an replace so that they know should you would wish extra assist or not.

We have totally different hurdles on a regular basis. With magic serving to, your expertise may be extra nice, and the end result will at all times be higher than it must be. Magic energy might help to make us trustworthy, centered, brave, courageous, conscious, assume sooner, get higher concepts, make higher choices, and even assist us to tug by starvation, ache, coldness, anxiousness, stress, anger, tiredness, mind fog, illness and all kinds of issues that kill us inside-out. Do not underestimate the affect magic can deliver us.

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Ordain as we speak, and begin cultivating instantly since you by no means know when somebody will want your assist and while you would possibly need assistance from the lineage!


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